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friends using metal detectors dig up hoard of 14th century coins worth £150k

by:Kenwei      2019-08-31
It is estimated that four metal detectors have dug up 14th century coins worth £ 150,000.
Amateurs dug 557 at an organized field rally.
The treasures include 12 rare ones.
The Golden Edward III nobility of the black dead era and the 545 silver coins believed to have come from the reign of Edward I and II.
Discoverer Andrew Winter, 38, Tobias Novak, 30, brother Mateusz, 33, Dariusz fijalkoski, 44,
Andrew, a crane driver at Northumberland Bryce, said: \"We just keep looking for coins and digging.
\"My machine is like Hoover.
It\'s too special to do this with my friend Tobiasz and Mateusz.
\"The three spent an hour digging on a field near Hambleden, a village recorded in the 1086 Family Day book and found nothing.
They were on their way to another place, and when Andrew\'s detector sent out a code indicating that it detected a hammered silver coin --
So he started digging.
The trio turned over a lump of earth with two coins inside to see more in the hole. Then-
Stranger Dariusz, dad-of-
Three machine operators from Bristol found two silver coins at the same time.
In the process of detecting and discovering treasures, anything more than three coins is \"hoard \"-
Must declare to the organizer.
Then clear the area.
It was claimed by four people who were working alone.
They say they have to fight the competition and acknowledge that competition becomes \"absolutely tight\" when the news of discovery spreads through the festival \".
On the first day, they found 276 silver coins and 9 gold nobles, all of whom admitted that they had hardly slept due to excitement.
Over the course of three days, the team\'s chips were raised to 545 silver coins and pieces, and 12 gold nobles.
Some of them have been doing hobbies for less than a year.
The coins are called Hambleden Hoard, after digging the Bucks village near the site.
Their final sales revenue will be split equally with the landowner.
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