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for metal detectors, buried treasure was just a beep away

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
The beep is just beginning.
With metal detectors, treasure.
The job seeker was told something existed.
A coin, a ring, a bulletago conflict —
It is invisible before they dig it out.
According to Susan Ferrer Mackay of CBC, Keith Edwards is such a \"modern man using modern inventions \".
He joined her in the seasonal CBC-
The TV series Summer magazine shows some of his findings and the tools people can use to make them.
\"It came out of the park close to home,\" said Ferrier McKay, holding a heartshaped trinket.
\"Someone lost a small gold box for the Air Force.
\"Other items include a mesh wallet, and Edwards is talking about a bullet in the War of 1812, a more complex bullet in the civil war.
The camera glanced at more of his findings on the picnic table, including rings and things that looked like a big key.
Metal detection has been popular in the United States for 20 years, but it has only recently become popular in Canada.
Everyone has a detector, \"We usually sell it for kids,\" Edwards said, because Ferrell McKay checked a small detector.
\"It\'s a good machine for working beaches or anywhere.
There are all kinds of metal.
\"Unlike more complex models, it is not able to distinguish between certain types of metals.
\"If you\'re in the park, you don\'t want to dig a lot of holes for the cap,\" explains Edwards . \".
For the better-
The cost of a high quality metal detector, the cap will not be a very satisfactory discovery.
\"The price here is about $700,\" Edwards said . \" He shows an updated, more sensitive model that runs at a very low frequency.
Edwards\'s choice of detector is a $950 machine (
$2,350 in 2019)
Work underwater and on land.
\"It\'s completely diving,\" he said . \"
\"You can use it as a diving unit.
The hands are separated and divers can take it down with them.
Ferrer McKay said: \"The group of organizations participating in the metal exploration expedition has emerged, and Edwards held a seminar on the topic.
There is something that could be called the code of the metal detector, she added.
\"One of their strict beliefs is that you have to fill your own holes after the fact.
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