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five myths about private jets

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
If you have found a private jet on the fly or on the tarmac, you may want to know which celebrity it belongs.
In fact, many jets are chartered, not privately owned by a fat cat or pop singer, and they are used primarily for business rather than luxury vacations.
This is a mysterious world, so here are five myths about private aircraft. 1.
On a private jet, you need to be as rich as Donald Trump.
\"Yes, it would be helpful if you wanted to have a Boeing 757 with executive configurations like him, but that\'s not a reality for 99.
9% of the population, \"said Mark H.
Lefever, president and chief operating officer of broker and consultant Avjet.
If you want to charter a car, the answer is \"no \". A round-
Kevin O\'Leary, president of Jet advisor, said the cost of traveling on a private jet could be only $6,000, and the company advised on private air options.
\"The typical charter fee for light jets is $3,000 per hour, two hours
\"At least one hour a day,\" O\'Leary said . \".
\"This will allow passengers to fly from New York to Washington, D. C. C.
And come back that day for about $6,000. A round-
Travel flights between New York City and Naples.
It could cost about $30,000.
So if you\'re sitting in seven seats on a light jet, $4,300 per person.
These prices are still above the first.
But you don\'t need to be the \"Donald Duck\" who pays for the ticket \".
Editor Doug Goran said: \"There are cheaper deals to find before you get your credit card --in-
DG amazing experience director, newsletter for private jet owners and passengers.
Gollan notes that the JetSuite Suite deals are released daily, starting at about $500.
\"Last week, for $536, you could fly from Tyler, Texas to Dallas the next day,\" he said. \"they posted the next day\'s specials on their Facebook page.
\"The company recently started offering private flights to Cuba, one of which-
Starting from Key West, the fare for up to 6 passengers is $11,152 (
JetSuite says it is the responsibility of every passenger to obtain his or her own permission to travel to Cuba, as permitted by the United States. S.
Government under specific approval categories).
\"You can also contact a number of charter brokers who don\'t usually own the aircraft, but purchase the aircraft that can be used by the charter, and then find five friends to share the cost, gollan said.
\"You may go to Los Angeles in this caseto-
Aspen travels around $2,500 a head.
\"Is there any interest in owning your own plane?
O\'Leary said, \"the purchase cost may be only $500,000, and the annual operating cost may increase by $500,000 or more.
The main problem is the accidental repair.
A major engine repair or planned overhaul on only one engine could cost $300,000. \"2.
If bad weather forces delays or cancellations of commercial flights, then private aircraft must do the same.
Lefever says it\'s not true.
Private aircraft can land at more airports than commercial aircraft and can quickly change their flight plans.
\"Private Jets have the option of waiting or alternative airports,\" he said . \".
\"The best example is Los Angeles International Airport.
SFO is a common flight that is delayed due to weather in the Bay Area.
A private jet \"can submit a new flight plan to Auckland, which is not far from San Francisco airport from downtown San Francisco,\" he said, with few delays. 3.
Private jets are not as safe as airlines.
Lefever said: \"There are various ways to compare statistics, but in the past 15 years, there have been more deaths of passengers on regular commercial flights than on charter flights and private aircraft.
The comparison of accident rates per hour shows fewer differences, but the reality is that both are very safe and safety is always the first
Both deserve attention, says Lefever.
Gollan said, \"I used to fly on NetJets a lot, and my pilot used to be 747-
United Airlines\'s 400 captains, chief pilots of Fortune 500.
Most of the major fleet operators that own and operate aircraft have spotless records.
Most of the fleet in the charter market is used by the owner and when he or she does not use it, he or she will be chartered, so it is clear that the owner wants to maintain and”4.
You may be a private flight, but you still need to handle TSA through security check.
No, you can forget the safety line, take off your shoes and empty your pocket.
Metal detectors and human body scanners not found
O\'Leary says, usually \"there is no TSA or pre-
Flight Check Required
The pilot can check the identity card of the main passenger;
Otherwise, you will be loaded and on the road within minutes of arriving at the airport.
At some private airports, you can pull your car to the plane, unload your luggage and let the valet (service for)
Your car so you can get to the air in a few minutes. ”5.
Commercial airlines fly faster than private planes.
Fly across the continent on a silver blob sailing by your window?
It\'s probably a private jet.
\"The fastest passenger plane in the sky is private, depending on the aircraft model of the flight,\" Lefever said . \".
\"Private jets are also flying over commercial airlines, and many times they encounter weather and turbulence.
\"Some private planes have the ability to fly over up to 51,000 feet of the weather,\" a pair of private planes fly at a speed close to the sound, \"O\'Reilly said . \".
\"The flexibility to get in and out of smaller airports that are usually closer to the starting point and destination airports makes the actual speed of a private jet nearly 10 times that of a private jet in the United States.
This makes the door-to-
When traveling privately, the door is much faster.
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