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first-time treasure hunter discovers trove of roman-era gold coins

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
Equipped with a basic metal detector
The British treasure hunter of the Times reportedly found a treasure trove of Romans.
Experts believe that the era gold coin is one of the largest such discoveries in British history.
Cache of coins
Roman solidi dating back to the 4th century-
It is estimated to be worth £ 100,000, or about $160,000, in the United States. S. dollars.
According to the report in the Helmel Gazette,
His name is not public.
It is reported that a beginner\'s metal detector was purchased at a store in Berkhamsted, Haford County.
A few weeks later, the man returned to the store and showed the owner 40 gold coins and asked them, \"What should I do about this?
David Sewell and Mark Becher were both stunned.
The newspaper added that they told the novice treasure seekers to inform the authorities of his findings.
When he obtained the required permit, Sewell, Becher and others took the man back to the spot of discovery.
\"We went with them, with a few slightly more powerful machines, and we pulled another 119 coins from the ground,\" Sewell told the Daily Mail . \".
\"These are 22 karat gold and they are not hurt at all, they come out of the ground and look like the day they were made.
He added: \"I found something broken, but there was nothing like this . \"
I am very satisfied that person came to us and bought this machine from us, but I will lie if I say I don\'t want it to be me.
\"The Solidus coin dates back to the last few years of the 4th century.
They are usually buried as sacrifices to God during the Master\'s travel or war, said St. Sorod curator David sorod
According to The Associated Press, the Verulamium Museum of the year of AIBO.
The local government says the coins were found on private land.
Experts at the British Museum will inspect the transport to determine its final value.
According to the report, according to their opinion, amateur treasure seekers can get at least part of the income.
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