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first ever 3d printed gun is test fired in the us

by:Kenwei      2019-09-10
The successful launch of the first gun made by 3D printers in the United States has raised concerns that global gun use may become more widespread.
Known as \"Liberator\"
After cheap pistols fell into Nazi hands
Occupied Europe during World War II
The small shooter was tested in a video uploaded to the network.
This gun is standard. 38 ammunition.
It is built by a machine that uses a computer blueprint to add layers to a plastic layer, similar to a traditional paper printer.
Cody Wilson, the man who designed it, said he planned to upload the blueprint design to the internet, meaning anyone with a 3D printer like that could make one on their own.
Wilson is a member of a radical anarchy organization called \"distributed defense\" that aims to give everyone access to guns.
He told Forbes magazine in the United States: \"Anywhere with a computer and internet connection, there will be a promise of guns.
\"The only part of the Liberator that is not made in the 3D printer is the crash needle, which is just a standard nail.
The rest consists of 15 sep plastic parts, which means it is also possible for the gun to avoid metal detectors.
However, since American law requires a small amount of steel for every printed gun, it is currently unable to do so. tom. edwards@the-sun. co.
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