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farmer advertising on gumtree warns others after being duped by gambling voucher scam

by:Kenwei      2019-08-17
When the bidder interested in purchasing all his fitness equipment contacted Ian egwashington, he thought he had won the gold medal. The 61-year-
The old man just sold his 40-
Just outside Queanbeyan, New South Wales, the property is facing a package of five-bedroom house —all while re-
His livestock are home.
In a few weeks.
He posted an advertisement on Gumtree for the sale of fitness equipment, which he was contacted to call himself Shirley Jackson, who wanted to buy all.
\"I was overwhelmed by requests, emails, Gumtree messages and phone calls,\" Mr Egerton said . \".
\"I have been trying to clean up the walls and clean up the house all the time.
\"When one of the ads caught the attention of a person who claimed to be a Darwin woman, Mr. Egton breathed a sigh of relief.
\"She said she was interested in weighing machines and leg presses,\" he said . \".
Shirley Jackson agreed to buy a lot for a total of $1,400.
She then told Mr Egton that she would arrange a remote control to pick up the device for $650.
He agreed, when she claimed that the relocation company only accepted the new Surf voucher --
An online payment form that uses gambling tokens --
He agreed.
\"I don\'t know what they are,\" he said . \"
\"But according to Shirley Jackson, obviously you can buy them through the service station.
\"She then told Mr Egton that they would transfer the total plus $30 concierge fee to a Paypal account that would be linked to his bank details.
But she said that she would not release the money until Mr. Egton took a picture of the new Surf voucher and sent it to them to verify that he had already bought it.
\"I am so-
He called the Paypal team and the Paypal team sent me an email as well.
Mr. Egerton did what he had ordered and sent her a photo of the coupon he had purchased from a nearby gas station.
It was only when he talked to his daughter about the interaction that he realized that he had been cheated.
\"She said, \'Dad, didn\'t you realize that if you send them a photo of these vouchers, can they take the money with the code on the voucher?
\"A New South Wales Fair Trade spokesman said it was the first such scam they saw this year --
Cheat uninformed people using coupons, coupons or gift cards.
But the department says gift cards are becoming the preferred payment method for online fraudsters.
\"If consumers think they have been cheated or become victims of cyber crimes, they should stop all contact with the scammers and record any details about the scammers,\" the spokesman said . \".
\"This includes their phone number, email and website address.
These details can help detect the way the scammer is or prevent the scammer from contacting people.
\"Mr. Egerton said that he contacted the gas station that purchased the voucher and his bank and submitted a report to the Queanbeyan police.
The company contacted him again for a new surf voucher worth $750.
He said he had accepted it and that he might never see his money again.
\"I can now look back at the email and say \'I think it\'s a fool,\' but I was doing a lot of things at the time, moving, selling and packing in a short time --frame.
\"They caught me when I was vulnerable. \" Topics:law-crime-and-
Justice, corruption, fraudand-corporate-
Crime, Canberra, Australia
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