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fan reminders for nhl stadium series game

by:Kenwei      2019-09-02
The National Hockey League wants to remind fans participating in the competition to pay attention to traffic, parking and safety issues: * All guests are encouraged to arrive at Heinz Stadium in advance to ease the Chang \'an inspection line at all gates and to undergo metal testing.
Guests at Heinz Field are requested to cooperate with security personnel to ensure the safety of all guests.
Stadium personnel can also check heavy clothes, jackets, hats and/or blankets.
* Fans are encouraged not to bring any type of bag at Heinz Stadium.
Fans can carry the following styles and sizes of bags, bags or containers at the Stadium Square area, at the stadium gate, or close to the queuing fans waiting to enter the stadium: transparent plastic, vinyl or PVC, bags no more than 12 \"X 6\" X 12.
About a small clutch bag the size of a hand, or 4. 5\" X 6.
5 \", with or without a handle or strap, can be brought into the stadium along with a clear bag option.
After proper examination at the gate, the items necessary for medical treatment will be exceptional. *Will-
Telephone tickets can be collected at the ticket office at Gate B on the east side of Heinz Stadium.
Valid ID matching the will-
The name of the ticket is required.
No third party
The phone will be accepted. Thursday, Feb. 23: 9 a. m. -5 p. m. Friday, Feb. 24: 9 a. m. -5 p. m. Saturday, Feb. 25: 4 p. m. -
End of 1 half-time break * children under two years of age (2)
If they sit on the adult\'s lap throughout the game, no tickets are required.
Any child who has a second birthday needs a ticket to enter the building.
Fans were asked to carry tickets with them. *Exit and re-
Access is not allowed at Heinz Stadium.
In case of a medical emergency, please go to the room service booth at Gate B.
* Fans must comply with the NHL fan code of conduct.
Violation of fan code of conduct may result in the removal of the venue without a refund. 3 p before the game. m. 3 p before the game. m.
Parking lot 3 p Heinz Stadiumm.
Gate 6 Heinz Stadiumm. Game Time 8 p. m.
* Hockey fans are invited to the National Hockey League®(NHL®)
And its pre-match company partner, the official NHL tailgate party of the 2017 Kors light NHL Stadium Series™Parking lot opposite AE stage and Heinz Stadium.
This free hockey festival will open on Friday, February. 24, 2017 (3 p. m. -8 p. m. ET)(
Stage AE parking only-opens at 2 p. m. )
Saturday, February. 25, 2017 (3 p. m. -8 p. m. ET)
Located at the intersection of art Rooney Avenue and general W Robinson Street.
The pre-match will provide family friendly hockey interactive games and attractions, live music, special performances and dozens of other dynamic events for fans of all ages.
All guests, including children, must agree to search their person and any items they carry with them.
The metal detector will be located at the front parking lot and Stage AE entrance gate.
* Join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by tagging your photos with NHL StadiumSeries.
* Parking near Heinz Stadium includes a variety of pre-parking
Parking for sale and cash.
Please visit the specific direction of Heinz Stadium on the event day and alternative routes to and from Heinz Stadium.
The North Shore parking lot around the stadium will be open 5 hours before the event.
Cash parking is also available in the city center, easy to walk or free rides to the stadium on the light rail.
Take \"T\" to Allegheny station and/or North Side station.
Allegheny station is located at the intersection of Allegheny Avenue and rezdale Street.
The North Side station is located at the bottom of the West Robinson general Street garage.
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