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fan guide: 01.25.18 vs. wild

by:Kenwei      2019-09-06
On Thursday, January 25, 2018, Minnesota Wild7: 00PM6: When Penguins hold a special theme night on Thursday, 00 PM fans are encouraged to come in the best costume of the 1980 generation.
The arcade games of the 1980 s, including Pac Man and Donkey Kong, will be set up in the arena for free by fans.
The band \"revenge of Ferris Borough\" will provide pre-
Games and intermittent entertainment on the GNC stage.
The Steel City Ghost Hunt will greet fans as they enter the arena, and the steel city Time Machine will be on display in the lobby of Verizon Gate.
It is a replica of DeLorean cars from the classic 80-year movie back to the future.
The scoreboard of the PPG Paints arena will be programmed using the style and font of the 1980s Civic Arena scoreboard, and the entire game will play a series of 80-year pop culture audio and video elements.
Punk Tony Phil, this is it. It\'s coming to steal the Sky-
You can meet the only Punxsutawney Phil in person on Thursday night!
Before the end of the second break, just stop at the FedEx level after section 110!
Don\'t miss the chance to see this legendary Groundhog before making a forecast in February 2!
Stop at \"Carvery\" in section 107th to buy a special chef on Thursday --
Ready to make: blacken beef on Italian roll with a rough green chili salsa. Dessert -
Homemade strawberry moon cake.
Premium seat holders, don\'t forget to stop at an action stop within captain Sterling and the KeyBank Club to buy Thursday\'s specials: steak Umms with Cheese Wiz
Marinate the steak with cheddar cheese sauce. Dessert -
Homemade strawberry moon cake.
For kids, don\'t miss the kids area menu for 116 and 231 knots, which includes $3 kids-sized soda, popcorn, hot dogs and cornflakes. 25 each.
Uber will help you slide through the parking lot crowd with a new, special water dropoff and pick-
Areas near fulleton Street, Willie Avenue-
Verizon\'s door across from the PPT American master paint stage! for details.
Also, get $15 from your first ride code Penguin 15 to 07. 01. 18!
Fans will be asked to walk through for the safety of all guests-
Go through the metal detector after entering the PPG Paint arena.
Personal bags only (
Wallet, baby or diaper bag. )
Access to the building will be allowed and all items will be searched at the entrance.
Large bags, coolers, backpacks and sealed packages of any kind are not allowed.
In addition, the PPG Paints Arena only allows small individuals to stand still
Camera with 3 inch lens or smaller lens.
Cameras with removable lenses or flash lights are not allowed.
For a complete list of frequently asked questions, visit the PPG Paints Arena.
Don\'t miss the chance to take home an incredible souvenir!
Pittsburgh Penguin Foundation will sell ice hockey used by your favorite penguin players in a warm environment
On Thursday, ups was outside the KeyBank Club at the start of the 1st halftime break.
These official NHL warm-perfect for memories, gifts or collections
Up pucks comes with a presentation cube and a certificate of authenticity.
All proceeds will benefit the Pittsburgh Penguin Foundation.
The official loyalty project PensPoints of Pittsburgh Penguins is back!
Sign in or sign up in the Pittsburgh Penguin app today and start earning points by scanning tickets, shopping at PensGear or PPG Paints Arena concession booth and more!
Redeem your points for exciting prizes, or use your points to win raffles for signature merchandise, tickets, etc throughout the season! Learn more at . Bid to win one-of-a-
The Penguin Foundation silent auction makes your seat comfortable, a Penguin item! Visit pens. gesture.
Take home a unique penguin souvenir from your smartphone, or go to the display located outside KeyBank Club to browse the item yourself!
Attending Pittsburgh Penguin fans can get VIP treatment by upgrading your game!
Upgrade your game to get fans oncein-a-
Penguin\'s life experience
Seat access with Iceburgh, Lexus club guest pass, premium seat upgrade and more!
Just download the Penguin app and register today in the \"upgrade your game\" section!
Pick up tickets for the Penguin Foundation 50/50 draw and have the chance to win the grand prize on Thursday.
The more you play, the more you pay.
Raffles\'s income this season has benefited many charitable organizations it supports through grants. Over $1.
Raised 2 million during 2016-17 season.
Visit one of the hall kiosks, or watch the Green conductor through the second break-
The winning number will be announced in the third issue.
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