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european cities ‘need x-ray machines and concrete barriers’ to tackle terrorism, eu chiefs warn

by:Kenwei      2019-08-31
Brussels has warned that parks and city centers across Europe need to strengthen their defenses to prevent terrorist attacks.
Recommended measures include installation of X
Machine and concrete barrier.
More frequent use of \"explosives detection dogs\" is also being explored \".
European officials say there should be emergency shelters in public squares, museums and football fields, on foot-
Through metal detectors and-drone systems.
The European Commission has made these proposals to the mayors of major EU cities in Brussels.
They were drafted in response to deadly terrorist attacks in Manchester, London, Paris, Barcelona, Nice and Stockholm.
In Europe last year, 61 people were killed.
The biggest loss was the loss of 22 people in the Manchester Arena bombing.
European officials have pledged to provide £ 0. 105 billion over the next two years to help strengthen security measures, in addition to the £ 0. 173 billion they have invested in related research projects.
The proposed measures also include strengthening the \"access control area\" of public buildings at the airport\"
Prevent the safety and \"perimeter protection\" of cars filled with explosives from getting too close \".
The European Commission said: \"Member states have the primary responsibility for the protection of public space, but the EU can and should do more to support these efforts.
\"Any proposals made by the EU must be approved and implemented by governments.
Jeffrey Van Alden, a Tory MP, said: \"We cannot let the fear of terrorism drive all of us to live a life of fear, of closure.
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