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election in india boggles

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
Hey, time traveler!
This article is published in 18/4/09 (3710 days ago)
Therefore, the information in it may no longer be up to date.
It will be divided into five phases, four weeks, involving six phases. 5 million employees
In 543 constituencies, 4,617 candidates representing some 300 political parties will compete for the votes of 0. 714 billion eligible voters.
At 828,804 polling stations, 1,368,430 simple, reliable and significantly tampered with polling stations
Electronic voting machines will be deployed.
The process is hard not to impress.
And its elasticity.
India is a poor, diverse country with more than 30 major languages and six major religions, and in the Hindu caste system, India also has a tradition of hierarchy, which seems to be different from the universal suffrage system.
The country faces security threats, which will provide an excuse for many governments to suspend elections.
Kashmir has been messed up by insurgents for more than 20 years;
Parts of the Northeast are even longer.
Mao revolutionarycum-
At the beginning of last week\'s vote, the robbers triggered another fire in the Indian interior and launched an attack.
However, in addition to the brief \"emergency\" of 1975, India has never denied the people the right to choose their rulers.
This right should now be cherished more than ever.
The election comes as the world\'s worst recession in two generations.
India faces tough choices as it seeks to get rid of its worst recession.
Voters have the opportunity to judge the situation of a coalition government led by the Congress party and its elderly Prime Minister, Singh, for five years.
It has experienced unprecedented economic prosperity and has continued the process of cautious liberalization and globalization followed by its predecessor.
It has successfully raised India\'s international status and has reached controversial agreements on civilian nuclear cooperation
The cooperation with the United States has achieved an important strategic tilt.
However, the Singh government has made little progress towards achieving one of the main targets set in 2004.
This is to reform India\'s crumbling, corrupt administrative structure so that the policies put in place in Delhi can actually be implemented in villages where most Indians still live.
Part of the reason is failure, and despite the sharp decline in poverty rates, there are still a large number of Indians living in extreme poverty. One-
There are 25 malnourished children in the world living in India, of which children under the age of 5 live in India.
To his credit, his policy speech usually begins with the plight of the poorest, not India\'s GDP growth figures.
It is also smart: the poor do not care about his achievements as diplomats and globalists, which have little impact on their lives.
Like other countries, India\'s elections are often not dominated by major national issues.
Like everywhere else, Indian elections can be wonderful from a distance, but a close look can be ugly.
The campaign was dominated by individuals, money and intimidation in some places.
Many candidates seek votes through beggars. thy-
Neighbors are attractive to themselves.
The interests of a particular language, caste, or religious group.
Even in such an unpredictable game, the two results are quite safe.
First, Parliament will have to make room for many suspicious characters.
Members are currently facing criminal charges for nearly a quarter.
The crimes they are accused of are not all trivial.
Including murder, rape and kidnapping.
Second, the resulting national government will be an alliance whose policies will be hijacked by its smaller members.
The secular trend of Indian politics is the only true \"national\" party, Congress and janatiya Janata Party of the main opposition (BJP).
In 2004, the two won less than half of the total (49 per cent)of the votes.
A group of regions and caste are rising.
Don\'t even pretend to be a headquarters party guided by the interests of the state.
In a way, big parties can blame themselves for that.
Despite the capable technocrats like Singh, Congress is still an outdated dynasty machine.
The Prime Minister was awarded to Singh by the Italian Sonia Gandhi of the party. born leader.
He seems to be keeping his seat warm for her son Rahul, which is a pleasure --
Clearly, he was destined to lead Congress on behalf of the fifth generation of his family, but did not seem convincing.
Mr Singh, a free economy, is not a typical congressman.
Many people still miss Nehruvian socialism, which has long hindered India\'s development.
During his administration, the BJP also had a commendable record of economic management.
But it did not escape the origins of its political faction as a \"Hindu\"ness\" movement.
This one has the edge of an extremist who has committed terrible violent crimes against India\'s large Muslim minority and smaller Christian minority, who may never believe in the rule of the BJP.
So if The Economist gets a vote, it will support Mr Singh\'s Congress.
But in reality, the choice between the two political parties is not the only choice.
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