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elder says medicine pouch \'desecrated\' by halifax airport security despite asking for x-ray scan

by:Kenwei      2019-08-24
One Nakaweelder said her traditional drug was \"profane\" during routine security checks at February at Halifax Stanfield International Airport \". Geri Musqua-
LeBron, a boarding school survivor from the province\'s First Nation, Keeseekoose, said the Canadian Air Transport Safety Agency (CATSA)
The supervisor refused her request for golf.
The size of the medicine bag, worn around the neck, filled with plants considered sacred, through X-
Instead of being opened and processed.
\"I\'m about to cry,\" musqua said --Leblanc.
\"The security staff at the airport in 2019 were still acting like them, and I was shocked by that.
She didn\'t give me any chance to explain at all. \"Musqua-
LeBron is working together.
The elder coordinator of the Dalhousie University residency program, regularly shares her knowledge of traditional medicines with Halifax students and the community.
Traditional Nakawe teachingsacording traditional Nakawe doctrine, Musqua-
Once drugs including Cedar, Sweet Grass, rat holy and tobacco are collected and subject to prayer and restraint, LeBron said, they should not be touched by another person whose \"spiritual energy will affect their purity.
\"It\'s hard to describe the meaning,\" Musqua-Leblanc said.
\"Traditionally, these drugs will be used for plumbing ceremonies.
No matter who is in the filling pipe, they do not want their medicine to be processed by another person.
I have confidence in them, so I always want my medicine to stay clean and pure.
\"On the safe line, musqua-
LeBron said she expected to start the metal detector due to her knee and hip replacement, but she forgot that she was wearing her deer --hide pouch.
When the alarm sounded, a CATSA screening officer asked to hold the bag while she was scanning with metaldetecting wand.
\"I said,\" Don\'t touch the medicine bottle \'. . . . . . Then hand him the rope.
\"He just held it up in the air,\" she said . \".
\"When I suggest going through X-
\"I don\'t know what to do with it,\" said the male security guard . \"
I have to call my supervisor. \'\"X-
A spokesperson for SupervisorA CATSA told CBC News in an email statement that the authority\'s policy is \"all items must be scanned\" and that there are specific procedures for sacred items.
\"The training provided by CATSA on programs of religious or cultural importance applies to programs from different beliefs and is not specific to Aboriginal culture,\" the statement said . \".
Part of CATSA\'s screening policy is labeled with religious and cultural items and clothing, noting that if travelers tell officials that they carry items of religious or cultural significance, such as \"employees, masks \", \"CATSA officials will provide travelers with\" options to filter items based on the nature of the project and your preferences.
\"CATSA will investigate the handling of the ceremony of chief Manitoba
LeBron said her partner passed the checkpoint carrying a similar bag.
She said that although the item was requested twice, it was X-
The supervisor told her to open the bag or she would be escorted out of the airport instead of being handled by the officer.
She said she began to feel anxious when other travelers were watching and listening to communicate.
\"I\'m embarrassed at this point because people are going through it and they are [trying]
Want to know what happened.
I said I had no choice.
\"At this point, I have to open this medicine bag,\" Musqua said . \"Leblanc. Musqua-
LeBron said she put the bag in front of the female supervisor and showed her what was inside was soft and small, but the supervisor personally put the bag on it for inspection. Musqua-
LeBron said she was also asked to untie the deer skin strap and the cotton tie inside so officials could see the medicine.
\"These drugs are now being profane,\" Musqua said . \"Leblanc.
\"They mean nothing to me.
They\'re not protecting me.
They did nothing. \"Musqua-
LeBron said that if the supervisor allowed the pouch to be X-rayed instead.
A spokesman for CATSA said officials would not normally refuse such a request, \"Unless [the item]
Is it a living animal or too big an item to pass through X-
Ray, \"but there was no comment on the Halifax supervisor\'s decision.
CATSA said in an email on Monday that Musqua-
LeBron did not share the details of the incident with them before meeting with the cbc.
\"We have now investigated the incident, including watching CCTV footage and finding that the screening agreement has been complied with and that the screening officer has never touched the sacred medicine bag,\" the statement said . \".
CATSA says it takes the screening of sacred objects seriously and fully appreciates the sensitivity involved.
It says if Musqua-
Leblanc wants to discuss her screening experience further and she can contact CATSAor to file a formal complaint.
As an ordinary traveler, musquart\'s mental and physical protection
LeBron said she appreciated and trusted the work of CATSA security personnel and their concerns about the personal protection of passengers.
But she said she believes that cultural capacity training should go deeper and allow and respect the concept of \"spiritual protection.
\"I\'m glad they were there, but it\'s important that my medication gives me a different sense of security,\" she said . \".
\"I think for
Understand the differences among indigenous peoples.
Many of us are survivors of the school, so we are still looking for our voices.
I hope this will not happen again.
We need to be more advanced than that.
She said she did not file a formal complaint with catsa, but the organization asked her to provide more information about the incident.
To the resort of the dominican Republic of musqua-
LeBron said that because she could no longer use the drugs, she provided them to the sea at the ceremony.
In that country, she said, she was sent to the intensive care unit and diagnosed with a heart problem.
\"I\'m not saying it\'s connected [
Incident to the airport,\" she said.
\"But I have confidence in my medicine, and I don\'t. You never know.
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