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eight unsolved blasts since 2005 – wake up, mr chidambaram!

by:Kenwei      2019-09-10
We are angry as a nation.
Is our life cheap?
When we commute between the workplace, the home and the public, shouldn\'t our daily life be a little stable and safe? Why is a high-
Visibility targets like the Delhi High Court do not have cctv or cctv.
Even if women and children are searched in a shopping mall, the function metal detector?
India has been through six terrorist attacks since you became the interior minister, and every time you find someone to blame.
What do you have to say after the German Bakery Pune explosion on February 13, 2010, 17 people were killed and more than 50 injured?
\"We have intelligence.
We shared it with Maharashtra, and Maharashtra shared it with Pune police, who also reminded the German Bakery.
The manager of the bakery acknowledged the suggestion.
However, the case in Pune happened.
There is clearly a case of failure for police and citizens, \"you said.
If the state is accurately informed of the possible location of the explosion, why is MHA not coordinated with the Central Security Agency to ensure adequate preventive measures are taken and security at the top is enhancedrisk areas?
Western countries are often caught off guard in terrorist attacks.
But it doesn\'t seem to be here.
So why do you slip?
The body count was 17, and the media did not track the degree of injury and their long term according to their habits
It has since had a devastating impact on the lives of the victims.
On December 7, 2010, two people were killed and 37 injured in the Varanasi explosion, some of which were seriously injured?
\"We warned the UP government in the campaign --
Until the 26/11th anniversary and December 6 . . . . . . On February, specific threat advice was issued to Dashashwamedh Ghat.
The national police may be lax, \"you said.
Of course, UP chief minister Mayawati MS denied receiving any warning.
Repeated scenes, although there is already a hunch of attack, there is no cooperation at all
Co-ordination and follow-up-
Ups caused the loss of life.
In both cases, there is no intelligence failure.
This time, low
The intensity and apparently aimless explosion near the Delhi High Court was nothing more than a drought on what was to happen in September.
However, the security breach has not been investigated-the previous day the metal detector for a particular gate failed and the eagle failed --
The sharp-eyed terrorist group took immediate action.
So what about the Mumbai bombings in July 13? Any leads yet? None whatever.
\"Everyone has to report what he or she sees-unidentified objects, suspicious people, suspicious objects, or any suspicious movement.
Our country is too big.
Everyone has to be vigilant, \"you said after the recent explosion at the Delhi High Court.
You mentioned that the central paramilitary forces have recruited nearly one Lach in the past two years, and that one more Lach will be added this year.
The state government will also recruit about one lakh security guard, but you yourself acknowledge that some 5 to 6 lakh vacancies have been left.
When you are frustrated by the BJP criticizing the government explosion in front of the media and calling it a \"pretentious bipartisan partnership\", you yourself acknowledge the police\'s slacking for years, they cite \"cumulative neglect\" in the security system \".
We can say that most of them are under the congressional system?
Mr C, because your party is in power most of the time in the center!
Why is the lack of coordination leading to the loss of life?
If NIA, NSG and a Delhi police strike team headed by the police chief can now work together to crack down on the explosions that have already happened, why can\'t they coordinate to prevent more people from coming?
For the sake of our country and our lives, can we not expel our self and unite as true professionals and Patriots? Update on Sep.
In the end, Mr C admitted that the bombing in Mumbai and Delhi was a \"stain\" on government records \".
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