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don\'t toss your joe montana retirement commemorative coin

by:Kenwei      2019-09-08
Even if you know everything about AmericaS.
According to the Treasury report, you can still lose money in the gold market.
If you want to retire in the Gold Coast of Aruba, you should think twice before buying gold.
In the most famous police chief\'s retirement speech circulated online, the senior police officer joked that he was looking for a beach in Florida where gold coins were found with metal detectors.
Nowadays, the price of gold is so high that people seem to be looking for buried treasures through their lofts, such as the old sapphire gold earcase, a pair of 14k vertical gold initial rings, or a high-value Joe Montana retirement commemorative coin.
But is these trinkets really worth gold just because people have made money recently? This does not mean that gold is good for the long term.
Credit: may want to have gold as part of a diversified strategy.
As a financial advisor, I talk about spreading risks every day.
However, you can diversify using many asset classes (i. e.
Stocks, bonds, commodities, real estate, art, etc. )
So why are you buying gold? The answer may be that you shouldn\'t.
Maybe it\'s already running.
If you, like the chief of police, plan a walk on the beach in Florida, where gold coins are found with metal detectors, then maybe you will make some simple money.
But if you\'re going to take your cash
Or sell some other investment to raise cash)
Buying a few ounces of gold takes into account the following factors: Gold has no income.
Unless you own a gold mine, trommel (
Machine for gold refining, also known as \"gold spiral trommel \")
This can help you make money on a regular basis and you will not receive dividends or interest from gold.
Compared to stocks and bonds, companies you invest in usually pay you some cash based on their income.
Gold has no intrinsic value.
Gold is often considered the last currency.
But when the Iraqi government collapsed, did people really start negotiating the gold deal? The value of this metal is only a reflection of the price people are willing to pay.
People have been excited about this lately, they haven\'t turned to financial planners or even Yahoo financial retirement calculator to get to know their financial future, they just threw dice when they bought gold
They hope someone will pay more for it tomorrow.
But it\'s hard to explain what will make it more valuable in the future.
You want the owner to work hard to build the company and create more value than buying the company stock.
Gold has risen a lot.
If you buy gold now, you should treat yourself as a speculator, not an investor.
Maybe you will track the price of Canadian 1967 commemorative gold coins because you like the appearance of coins. That’s fine.
You should buy it as an artwork you like, but not because you are sure it will be valuable.
Nothing is certain, and past performance does not guarantee future returns. Buyer beware.
Before you start trying to accumulate a pile of vintage men\'s gold rings or remove the watch buckle pure gold from your grandfather\'s old watch, think carefully about whether you are diversifying or being swept away in the gold rush.
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