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doc tested sex of fetus in car in indian forest: cops

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
In India, the aborted female fetus has caused a nationwide gender imbalance, and doctors have disclosed that the sex of an unborn baby is illegal.
But with boys still worth far more than girls, lucrative businesses are booming underground.
That\'s why police and health officials came to a forest outside the Indian capital earlier this week, where they arrested a doctor and two associates engaged in mobile sex --
Determine the clinic from a white car.
After receiving news from the doctor\'s business, the authorities sent a pregnant woman to him for bait.
He agreed to disclose the sex of her fetus for 30,000 rupees or $460
It is about 15 times the cost of legal prenatal ultrasound.
She was told to meet one.
Between a small town in northern New Delhi.
The man took her money and drove her to the nearby forest where the doctor was waiting for her.
The police who followed them arrested them, and just as the doctor was about to start the exam in his car, he used a portable generator with him to provide ultrasound.
Police arrested the doctor and two associates and confiscated the machine. Adarsh Sharma, a health official in Haryana, said.
Sharma said doctors have been testing gender since 2015.
If they are convicted, they will face up to three years in prison.
Due to the growing imbalance in gender balance, India banned the gender decision test in 1994.
According to the 940 census, 1,000 girls are born every 2011 boys in India.
In India, most parents celebrate the birth of their son, which is considered the pride of their family.
The birth of a daughter can be an awkward moment, even a moment of mourning, because parents, especially the poor, will look at the huge debt they need to bear to pay their marriage dowry.
For a long time, studies have shown that Indian girls are less educated than boys, have poor nutritional status and have less medical care. Many women —
Including educated wealthy women.
Said they were under great pressure from their mother. in-
With a son, there is law.
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