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do metal detectors and x-ray machines belong in schools?

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
Staff at IDEA Public Charter High School greet each child by name every morning.
They shake hands with some students and give other students a quick climax.
5. Conduct short conversations as much as possible.
The morning ceremony aims to create a warm learning environment.
But it\'s not entirely out of sincerity: It\'s part of a high school safety plan.
Justin Rydstrom, head of the IDEA, said that the school expelled metal detectors five years ago and believed that the staff building rapport with students were more capable than any machine to detect whether teenagers had a day off.
\"Employee relationships and the presence of employees do give us the best metrics to let us know what students are walking into the door with and how they feel,\" said Rydstrom . \".
The shooting on February resulted in the death of 14 students and three staff members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
, Intensified about metal detectors and X-
The usual shooting machines in airports and courts belong to schools.
After the shooting, Stoneman Douglas\'s school system said it would launch a pilot program with metal detectors at the school during the upcoming school year.
But earlier this month, public schools in Broward County announced that the plan would be postponed due to concerns about staffing, privacy and logistics --
The move angered parents who wanted to step up security measures.
\"When we continue to do our due diligence to implement the plan --
Consult suppliers and experts. . . —
A number of questions were raised, requiring the area to be suspended, and a more thoughtful discussion on the policy and procedural aspects of the pilot, \"said Robert langsey, dean of public schools in Broward County, wrote in a letter to the Douglas family.
For decades, students in Washington and other city school districts have met metal detectors at school. In 1991 —
When the crime rate in the area is higherthe D. C.
The Board of Education voted to install metal detectors at the front entrance of 10 secondary and high schools, as a teenage girl stabbed a classmate in the cafeteria of anakastia school.
Every secondary school in the region\'s traditional public school system now has metal detectors and X-ray machines. D. C.
Public schools refuse to provide details of their safety measures.
But Shayne Wells, a spokesman for the school system, said metal detectors and X-
The ray machine detects illegal items on a daily basis, resulting in the confiscation of pepper spray, knives and mace.
But, like the IDEA, some schools in the franchise Department --
The schools are privately run, but nearly half of the students are publicly funded and educated. C.
Students in public schools
Choose a different route.
Rydstrom said that these machines often detect metal objects on students with inaccurate accuracy, resulting in unnecessary invasive searches.
Students should get to school early, have a healthy breakfast, attend classes, and metal detectors slow down the morning, he said.
School safety officers at the IDEA check the student\'s schoolbags and use the safety wand to determine if the student is carrying a weapon, but Rydstrom says he wants to go to random safety procedures.
Chris Dorn, senior analyst at Safe Harbor International, a school safety consultancy, said while more school districts are discussing metal detectors and X-
Light machines are rarely moved to install them.
According to a Rand Company study on school safety released in 2016, about 3% of public schools across the country report that students pass metal detectors every day. , a think tank.
Parents often support it for more safety, Dorn says, but metal detectors can be expensive and impractical --
Security is not necessarily increased.
In suburban campuses with thousands of young people, students often have access to the entrance.
The school has to pay for multiple metal detectors and X-ray machines —
Hire trained staff to manage them
Or let the student arrive through an entrance.
Dorn said the school shooting was at the root of school safety anxiety.
But he said metal detectors would not protect students from shooters who intend to kill many people or hurt themselves --
The situation highlighted by Dorn remains rare.
Dorn says these machines are not absolutely correct when monitoring weapons at school.
On 2015, a student at the wooldrowilson High School in Northwest Washington managed to enter the metal detector and X-
Ray Machine, with a semi-automatic pistol, flashed through the corridor later in the day.
\"Most people are more anxious and we need to make sure we don\'t commit too much,\" Dorn said . \".
\"It is a bad thing to imply security when it is not legal.
\"Shanese Bryant, the mother of the tenth child-
A grade student at Cardozo Education Campus in Northwest Washington said she was pleased to know that her son\'s school had a metal detector and hoped that its presence would ensure that the students had classes without weapons
Bryant said: \"It makes me feel more comfortable because they know that they can detect something before anything happens to the children.
\"At kipp dc key college in southeast Washington, school leaders have also chosen not to use metal detectors.
John Barnhart, principal of charter secondary school, said metal detectors were seen as evidence of violence or \"bad\" in schools.
Barnhart, who is working on a paper on school safety, says his students come from communities with high crime rates and he wants them to feel welcome to enter the campus.
KIPP students receive greetings from unarmed security guards and administrators in the morning.
The school is equipped with social workers and psychologists, so if someone feels something wrong with the student, mentally
Health workers can step in quickly.
Metal detectors \"can set expectations that we think they are violent,\" he said \".
\"It\'s hard because it\'s never possible for us to fully understand a student, but I do think that KIPP DC has invested a lot in society --
Emotional aspects.
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