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d.c.’s wilson high school beefs up security after gun found on campus

by:Kenwei      2019-08-25
During the three days of the discovery of guns on campus, Wilson High School added security personnel, repaired the outer doors, and \"swept\" the building every day \", according to a letter from Principal Kimberly Martin to the school community on Friday.
A new \"special police\" and an extra security guard were assigned to the city\'s largest school with more than 1,800 students.
More and more security personnel are monitoring all exterior doors, some are being repaired, and surveillance cameras are being evaluated to maximize coverage, Martin said.
School staff are also rearranging their work to ensure that cameras are constantly being monitored, she said.
\"Times of crisis are often an opportunity to build responsive practices, develop better policies, and gain support for change and improvement,\" Martin wrote in the letter . \".
On Tuesday morning, a semi-automatic pistol was found in Wilson\'s classroom.
According to a police report released on Wednesday, a student flashed a weapon through the corridor and then put it in another student\'s backpack.
Another student saw the handover and informed the classroom teacher who called the police, the report said.
The incident frightened the school community and raised the question of how to bring the gun into the building.
Metal detectors and X-at the main entrance-ray machines. Lt.
Sean conboC.
A police spokesman said investigators had not yet determined how the gun entered high school.
Many students and parents say
People can enter the building through a safe place.
In particular, when people say they are free to go in and out, use additional external departments that are not protected and can easily be opened from inside the building or after school.
To better protect campus safety, Martin outlined the detailed response.
In the future, all doors will be locked until 8a, she said. m.
Students who want to enter early need to be accompanied by an adult supervisor, such as a coach or teacher.
Security officials will sweep the building at the end of the day at 3: 45 p. m. m. and 4:15p. m.
Escort the unattended students out of the building.
A school security officer will be stationed at the front door every night after a security officer signed through a private company leaves.
Michelle Lerner is a spokeswoman for Washington, D. C. C.
Public schools say most school security personnel are managed through the city\'s police station, which contracted some responsibility to a private company called AlliedBarton security Services.
Even button employs tens of thousands of security personnel across the country.
The school posted signs on the door informing people of security cameras and alerts, and more police officers will help students to travel safely to and from the school, Lerner said.
Anita Selin, the school\'s parent, said the events of the week were \"frightening\", but she was happy to see the principal \"take these steps to prevent worse things from happening \".
Wendy Ferris\'s son, a senior at Wilson University, said the school system needed to do everything to protect the safety of the students, but at the end of the day, the Wilson incident was a reflection of the national lack of gun control.
After a mass shooting of health department staff in San Bernardino, California, the issue has raised new concerns and debate. , on Wednesday.
\"This is one of the broader issues in this country,\" she said . \".
\"Teenagers in high school should not have guns.
We\'re in the backyard of Congress and we need to do something about it.
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