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ct scan machines to be installed in more hospitals: minister

by:Kenwei      2019-09-17
19 financially, the State Government will equip the ESI Hospital in Coimbatore and the government hospital in mettualayam with the minister of ct scanners, health and family benefits
Vijaya Baskar said here on Saturday.
Address to reporters at Coimbatore Medical School HospitalCMCH)
After the establishment of a Cath laboratory, cosmetic and cosmetic surgery, audio language therapy facilities and additional dialysis machines, the minister said that in addition to the two CT scan machines, the government will set up another Cath laboratory in CMCH at a cost of Rs 8.
It will be more complicated than his inauguration on Saturday.
Similarly, the government will set up
End the MRI scanning machine at CMCH and can be scanned in less than a minute.
The hospital did a 20-minute scan.
He said that the purpose of upgrading the CMCH and equipping it with more machines is to start heart and corpse transplant operations soon. Baskar said.
As announced by then Chief Minister jayalithaa, the government is taking various measures to upgrade the CMCH.
It received 286 cr from Japan International
Operation agent.
Municipal Minister S. P.
\"This is an eight,\" said verumani.
The people of Coimbatore have the dream of the year in CMCH for open heart surgery facilities.
Another five dialysis machines were also launched on Saturday, increasing the total number of CMCH machines to 15.
This means that forty-five patients are on dialysis each day.
Earlier, at the launching ceremony of the Organ Procurement and Transplant course --
2018 \"at the PSG Institute of Medical Sciences and the PSG hospital, the Minister of Health said that Tamil Nadu was a trendsetter in the national health sector.
The ministers also congratulated the families of organ donors and transplant experts at the Institute and hospitals.
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