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crumbs! couple dissolve into giggles when they open packet of tesco crisps and find just two tiny fragments inside

by:Kenwei      2019-08-17
A couple opened a bag of potato chips and found two small crumbs. they wanted to eat some snacks and suddenly laughed.
Melissa Levy Hearn made the film while her husband Ciaran squeezed Tesco\'s own package
Their family is located in the brand potato chips of Baldock, Haford County.
The couple ended up hysterical when they met two small pieces instead of a whole bag of prepared salty potato chips.
The supermarket giant said today that the problem was with a weighing machine and apologized for the strange accident.
Mr. Slehearne posted the video to the Tesco community page and said, \"I think this package is a bit empty. . .
I know we all joked when we were buying potato chips that you were going to spend half a bag of air, but it was a bit much to come to Tesco.
In the video, before opening the package, Mr. Levy Hearn squeezed the package that looked full of air, and his wife said loudly, \"Oh, my God.
She struggled to hold back her laughter and said to her husband, \"How much did you get without tipping them ? \"?
Mr. Levy Hearn put the contents of the package in a bowl, showing two small, crispy pieces that dissolve in laughter.
Tesco\'s online customer service team responded to this post online and said: \"I am deeply sorry and worried about this happening.
This is certainly not the quality we provide to our customers.
\"I want to record this and feed back to the supplier, can I ask you to give me a picture of the barcode? Best before the full picture of the date and receipt and your full name, address and email?
Mrs. Levy Hearn said she started filming because they noticed the bag looked unusual.
She said: \"My husband said the package feels empty, so I said with a smile that potato chips are usually half bags of air, but I feel it myself, when you shake it, you can\'t hear anything, so I said let\'s open it and make a video.
We just laughed and found it funny.
A Tesco spokesman said: \"We have apologized to Melisa about the accident and provided her with a full refund.
\"We are investigating with our suppliers to find out what happened in this incident.
The crispy leather manufacturer uses an automatic weighing scale to ensure that all individual crispy packaging meets the weight regulations and refuses to accept empty or low packaging.
It is understood that the couple ended a \"reject\" package in multiple packagesPackage incorrectly.
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