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crime adds to misery for pakistan\'s flood victims

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
Mahmoud Wolong, Pakistan (Reuters)-
Crime and the sale of donated aid have undermined aid efforts for victims of floods in Pakistan.
In Khyber-
The flour bags and edible oil tanks in Peshawar, capital of Pakistan, are printed with the logo of the World Food Programme and the United States Agency for International Assistance, and are publicly sold.
\"We bought them from the victims,\" said owner Abdul garfour . \" He owns a store in Gurr Mandi, Peshawar.
\"They got the money and bought what they needed more.
\"It is impossible to happen without the participation of officials,\" said Rahimullah Khan, another owner . \".
\"The victim can\'t bring a truck full of supplies here.
A Reuters reporter saw a truck marked \"flood-affected people get relief supplies from Islamic aid\" unloading flour on the market.
The goods are then sold at a cheaper price than usual.
\"I can save 300 Pakistani rupees per 50 kg bags of flour.
\"Customers prefer to buy it because it is of better quality and lower price,\" said flour dealer Najeeb Ahmed Khan . \".
Government officials are trying to solve the problem.
The regional authorities raided and seized two warehouses where stolen relief supplies were found, and arrested two people.
\"We have set up a committee to check these illegal activities, but it is sad that this is happening,\" said Siraj Ahmed, a district government official . \".
In the southern part of Punjab, villagers say people living outside the flood
The affected areas were stolen from homes abandoned by flood victims.
Lana farmanula, 27year-
The old villagers of Mehmood Kot said the robbers took a boat to rob the villagers of their belongings.
\"They took everything away,\" he said . \"
\"They took valuables and electrical equipment.
They stole washing machines, vertical fans, refrigerators, small appliances and jewelry.
Go north-
East, in the town of Bhakkar on the banks of the Indian River, fishermen say they are taking valuable parts out of the engine on board, fearing they will be stolen. (
Aizaz mohdemand of Peshawar and Kamran Haider of mehmudecott added;
Edited by Chris albreton and Mira MacDonald. )(E-mail: chris.
Thomson Reuters reporter. com;
Reuters news: Chris. allbritton. reuters. com@reuters. net;
Islamabad newsroom: 92-51 281 0017)(
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