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congress ready to extend ban on plastic firearms

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
The Senate voted to extend to be able to escape metal detectors and X-
A few days before the anniversary of the deadly mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, the shooting machine is becoming a bittersweet moment for gun control supporters.
The vote on Monday decided to extend the ban on plastic guns for another ten years in response to the ever-improving 3-
A printer capable of producing such weapons.
But gun control advocates certainly seem to lose their efforts to impose more and more stringent restrictions on plastic guns --
To remind them harshly that they have not enacted any new federal gun control since 20 years ago --
Six educators were murdered in Newtown, Connecticut.
Dismissal on last December.
14 prompt new again
President Obama has pushed gun control to the top of his domestic agenda.
But Congress did not approve anything, and gun control advocates faced the same difficult struggle in 2014, as there were internal differences on what should be next.
\"The gun lobby still has tremendous power in Washington --
Frankly, there\'s more than I thought . \"
D-Chris MurphyConn.
He represented New Town in the House last year.
The barricades that hindered the firearms control forces were shown, which was Sen\'s effort.
D-SchumerN. Y.
To make it easier for plastic guns to be detected, requiring them to have a permanent metal part, it seems sure Monday will fail.
The Republican Party and the National Rifle Association opposed his plan.
Then, it is expected that the Senate will easily approve a 10-
The ban will be extended for one year or will expire on Tuesday.
Schumer and other Democrats have guns.
Control advocates and law enforcement officials say there is a problem with the current law on plastic guns: it meets the requirements of gun manufacturers by including an easy-to-disassemble metal part
This allows weapons to avoid screening devices.
In a statement last week, the NRA said there was no objection to updating the law.
But the gun lobby said it would oppose any expanded demands, including Schumer\'s \"or any other suggestion that violates our rights to the Second Amendment \".
In 1988, the ban was first enacted under President Reagan and was easily extended twice.
The House approved 10-
The ban was extended for a year last Tuesday. Sen.
Republican senior member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Charles Grassley of Iowa, said that as the law is about to expire, Congress should quickly enact a long-term extension bill and study Schumer\'s plan later.
Other Republicans agreed.
Supporters of tightening rules say 10-
The NRA is set to usher in a new year as it reduces the ability of Democrats to revisit the issue.
If Democrats fail to tighten restrictions as expected on Monday, it will be the latest in a series of setbacks this year.
Their biggest defeat took place in April, when the Senate blocked efforts to expand the background checks required for gun buyers.
This proposal is Obama\'s supreme authority.
Control priority after primary school killings.
The background check is intended to prevent criminals and mentally ill people from acquiring weapons and currently only needs to be purchased from licensed gun dealers.
The Sens rejected the bill. Joe Manchin, D-W. Va.
And Patrick tumei. Pa.
This requirement will be extended to all guns purchased at the Internet and gun show.
On April, the proposal to ban offensive and large weapons was also rejected.
Capacity ammunition magazine used in mass shootings.
House Republican leaders have never approved the proposals and no one has voted there.
But as Saturday\'s anniversary of Newtown drew attention to the issue, representative. Tim Murphy, R-Pa.
Psychologists plan to announce a legislation Thursday aimed at strengthening federal mental health programs, including treatment, research and training for workers in emergency situations.
Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidNev.
In the background check, none of the five new votes he needs to win.
Democrats eager to avoid exposing potential weaknesses are seeking a new
Reid said he would not revisit the issue in next year\'s election until he could win.
This has divided gun control groups by strategy.
Some people want to seek more modest improvements, such as strengthening mental health programs and expanding the reporting range provided by states to the federal background check system.
Groups that support this approach include some new town families and Americans who are in charge of the solution, composed of former delegates.
Member Gifford D-Ariz.
She and her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, were seriously injured by a large shooter.
A statement from Sandy Hook Promise, a group representing some of the new town families, said: \"We think it is only good to pass mental health legislation, which has a broad bipartisan agreement . \".
\"If we do not start to at least cover up some of our differences, we will continue to bury our children without necessity.
\"Others want to continue to put pressure on lawmakers to support strong background-checking requirements and oppose solving the problem at less cost.
The groups include the outgoing mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, who has been spending money against guns.
The rights of candidates and members of Congress.
They are concerned that Republicans will use votes to support the main measures against guns, which are weaker.
\"The interest we give (
Republican Senator of New Hampshire)
Mark Glaze said: \"Kelly Ayotte voted on the Mental Health Act, which will be a good bill, but no measures have actually been taken to address the issue of gun violence in the country, the executive director of the mayoral panel.
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