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Combination of checkweigher and metal detector

by:Kenwei      2021-11-28
As consumers have higher and higher requirements for food safety, food companies need to continuously increase relevant testing equipment to ensure the safety of product quality and quantity. However, this will increase the company's investment in equipment, and the automatic checkweigher will also take up more plant space. In order to solve the contradictory needs of food companies, some automatic checkweigher equipment of automatic checkweigher manufacturers have developed a metal detection and automatic checkweighing integrated machine for companies that need to install metal detectors and automatic checkweighers at the same time. Under normal circumstances, the metal detector is installed before or after the packaging process. The pre-packing detection is to detect whether the content of the food contains metal, and the post-packing detection is to prevent impurities on the packaging machine from falling into the packaging bag, so as to avoid Hidden safety hazards in food. In order to reduce equipment costs, the metal detector is directly installed on the conveyor at the front end of the checkweigher machine in order to detect and checkweigh the integrated machine, and share an automatic rejector with the checkweigher. At the same time, in order to reduce repeated operations and improve work efficiency, the checkweigher machine and the metal detector share the screen control system of the checkweigher, so that the weight detection and the metal detection can be completed under the same control screen. This combined equipment is suitable for some large-scale instant noodle manufacturers. In addition, the automatic checkweigher machine can also be combined with packaging machines, inkjet printers, and labeling machines. The combination of the automatic checkweigher and the packaging machine can continuously adjust the filling accuracy of the packaging machine online, effectively avoiding the loss caused by the previous need to stop the machine to adjust the filling volume of the packaging machine. In meat production companies, because the weight of meat products after cutting is not uniform, a printer or labeling machine is combined at the back end of the checkweigher to directly print the weight on the product packaging or the printed label. Effectively reduce repetitive operations and save packaging costs for enterprises.
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