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coins, coins, coins - places to metal detect ii

by:Kenwei      2019-08-22
The playground and picnic area are great places to search with your favorite metal detectors.
These two places are the favorite places for people of all ages to get together and have fun.
What else do you think they will do?
They all have money, right?
Some of the money will be discarded and eventually buried underground, the perfect scene for our treasure seekers to take our metal detectors to find good discoveries.
Recreational vehicle parks, amusement parks and Carnival venues are also great places to find coins.
After the carnival, I always took my Garret Ace 250 metal detector to find coins and leave town. Trust me, I have found a lot of coins.
I also found jewelry like rings, bracelets and other good things.
There are also swimming areas such as lakes and rivers, and when people go to these places to swim, they pick up their clothes and wear a pair of swimming trunks or swimsuits and guess what coins they will throw.
Try not to have a paved parking lot, their beach, grass or just plain dirt.
Next try the children\'s camp, summer camp, fishing camp and hunting camp, many people and maybe many treasures.
I have had a lot of success on the old home site and I have found a lot of coins, artifacts, buttons, buttons, bullets, a few pieces of jewelry, etc. . . . .
Explore these places and be ready to fill your pockets with treasures.
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