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choux to roux: what does the new food gcse actually involve?

by:Kenwei      2019-09-14
The school kitchen has changed.
A new \"food preparation and nutrition\" GCSE has announced that it will allegedly turn students brown, white and bake a storm.
For a long time, people have complained that food teaching in schools is not qualified, and many students don\'t even know how to cook even the most basic meals.
Previously, no less than three general secondary education certificates covered food
Hotel & Catering, home economics, design & technology-
Critics argue that topics such as food packaging take precedence over useful skills.
This seems to be the actual content of the new curriculum, as the goal of GCSE is to test the tricky kitchen skills known to students, including the ability to make Suzy pastries, fillets, vegetables and sauces.
Students need to learn not only about complex cooking techniques, but also about the source of food, the technological developments in food production and the history of British cuisine.
The course will also take into account seasonal, ethical and economic factors, as well as scientific principles for preparing and cooking food.
Nutrition is also highly valued, presumably in response to concerns about rising levels of obesity and poor health.
But what does the real housekeeping teacher think?
Megan Owen, a food technology teacher at a secondary school in London, is excited about the reform because she believes that the reform \"incorporates all the key elements of the existing GCSE food --
Relevant courses are designed to enable students to master their skills and knowledge better and to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life.
Nut allergy patients warn that concerns about undeclared nuts could lead to a food scandal that is \"more serious than a horse-meat crisis\"up\' foods?
Kitchen hygiene: Are you a clean cook or a health hazard?
\"Such qualifications are expected to allow the younger generation to gain and build confidence in the kitchen and their knowledge and understanding of how to eat healthily,\" she said . \".
However, there are concerns that the course may be too demanding for teenagers, especially if the class given to them is only one hour.
The new GCSE is compulsory cooking in all classes for children under the age of 14 this semester and is part of a larger reform aimed at improving the quality of GCSE courses.
The course will begin in September 2016
But it remains to be seen whether this will inspire a new generation of Gordon Ramsey and Tom Crich.
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