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china\'s security obsession is now a point of national pride

by:Kenwei      2019-09-11
China is the safest country in the world.
Beijing police are proud to claim that surveillance cameras do not see any corner of public space.
There are bag scans and metal detectors at each subway entrance.
Armed police stand guard in major public places.
Various levels of subordinate security personnel were present all the way to the elderly civilian volunteers who were on duty on the street at the time of major political events.
Moving away from the capital of this authoritarian superpower, things will become easier, but political culture permeates the priorities for stability.
I\'m in Dandong recently-
Border with North Korea
Video from the airport showed police patrols marching on empty streets.
Then, a cartoon shows how they will deal with Islamic terrorists who bring fire and anger to Dandong --
In a city known for China\'s gateway to North Korea, this is unlikely to happen.
In the far west of Xinjiang, the prospect of Islamic terrorism is much more realistic, and in recent months, the authorities have mobilized thousands of military police in several public demonstrations of force.
The fundamental reason for all this security is to ensure that the Communist Party\'s control over China is not challenged --
This means that some political activists and crusades lawyers and terrorist suspects feel the full power of China\'s security agencies.
The annual domestic security budget has not been released since 2013, when overseas media pointed out how the budget exceeded the rapid growth of the Chinese military.
The large-scale review of China\'s Internet is also deeply linked to the overall concept of maintaining stability.
The normalization of such a large security presence is helping people increasingly believe that China is much safer than abroad. Well-
Public cases of kidnapping or murder of Chinese students and young citizens in the United States, news reports from Australia and elsewhere, as well as mass shootings and violent protests in the West, seem to confirm the view that China\'s security situation is superior.
When similar incidents occur in the country, such as the face of violence
On August, between a group of Muslims and police in the northern city of Tangshan, censors did not mention the matter.
In countries like Australia, events that may dominate the news agenda for a few days can be offset and killed before most people have a chance to hear them.
\"China\'s society is stable and orderly, the people live and work, and live and work,\" President Xi Jinping said in a recent meeting of Interpol in Beijing.
More and more people think that China is one of the safest countries in the world.
This emphasis on stability and security may increase in the coming weeks as Xi Jinping will host a major Communist Party meeting confirming his leadership over the next five years.
\"The idea of stability is at the heart of the Communist Party of China,\" said Dr. Michael Clark, an expert on domestic security policy at Australian National University.
\"It also plays the role of China\'s ability to return to its great power status and become a leader in international affairs in a broader narrative.
\"So I think there is a real connection between stability and Xi Jinping\'s concept of the Chinese dream. \"Topics:world-
Politics, National Defenseand-national-
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