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Checkweigher can double the speed of online product weight detection

by:Kenwei      2022-10-04
The automatic checkweigher can double the online product weight detection speed, and at the same time can ensure the product quality, so as to achieve the effect of quality assurance. The online automatic checkweigher can accurately detect the unqualified products on the continuous production line, and execute the control of judging the weight on and off the line or automatic sorting accordingly, returning the qualified products to the original conveyor belt, and rejecting the unqualified products (or alarming and stopping) , and classify and count the products according to the settings. The sorting principle of the automatic checkweigher machine: 1. The product enters the feeding conveyor, and the speed setting of the feeding conveyor is jointly determined according to the distance between the products and the required speed to ensure the weighing of the online dynamic automatic checkweigher during the working process. There can only be one product in the heavy area; 2. After the product enters the online dynamic checkweigher machine, the system can determine the time when the product leaves the weighing conveyor according to the external signal, the running speed of the online dynamic checkweigher and the length of the conveyor. From the time the product enters the weighing platform to the time it leaves the weighing platform, the weight sensor will process the detected signal, and the controller will select the signal in the stable signal area to obtain the weight of the product. 3. When the controller obtains the weight signal of the product, the system will compare it with the preset weight range and filter the product. Rejection forms will vary according to the actual situation. 5 kinds of rejection methods, suitable for most materials, namely: flap type (suitable for medium and hard packaging products), blowing type (suitable for small packages below 800g), drop type (thin, not easy to slip, easily damaged items) , Push plate type (for hard packaging). The plastic film must be equipped with a reject brush) and a diverter guide (suitable for customers who need diverted products).
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