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\'cement bags weighing less\' | hyderabad news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
Hyderabad: according to a note issued by the Legal Metrology Department, the statewide inspection conducted by the legal metrology department of cement manufacturers, wholesale and retail dealers shows that there are large-scale violations of cement packaging.
During the inspection, the department found that 50 kg of cement bags per bag lacked the weight disclosed.
The bags provided by about 18 companies, including Indian cement, ultra-tech cement, Panyam cement, Penna Cement, Kesoram cement, Andhra cement and other industry giants, were found to lack the director of legal metrology.
The ministry also noted that in other respects, such as non-packaged goods, the rules and standards for packaged goods, as set out in weight and Measures Act No. 1985, were violated
Disclose the contact information of consumer care personnel on the packaging bag.
It was also found that the dealer sold the cement bag without disclosing the month and year of the package, which is also a violation under weight and measures (PC)Rules of 1977.
The department also found that about 42 dealers in the state violated the packaging goods act.
\"Due to the increase in cement prices in the open market, inspections are under way to check if there is any shortage
\"Proper marking of weight and content,\" the statement said . \".
The department has registered violations by all 18 manufacturers and 42 dealers.
It also advises consumers to use the legal measurement Consumer Helpline (1860-425-3330)
Inform of the violation of the regulations, including the lack of baggage declaration.
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