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cement, steel prices to go up

by:Kenwei      2019-09-15
Finance Minister Pranab Mukerhjee cut consumption tax could lead to higher prices for cement and steel, leading to an overall increase in housing costs for people who dream of owning a house.
Industry insiders say cement prices could rise by about Rs. 8-
A bag of 50 kg, and the price of steel may rise by about Rs. 600 a tonne.
Industry insiders said the cost could increase by about Rs.
Just because of the increase in consumption tax, a bag.
Since diesel and gasoline are an energy source, rising prices will affect our input costs.
Incentive department.
K. , general manager of Ballack Valley cement.
Chamaria said prices in the Northeast are expected to rise Rs.
Demand in the region is very high compared to supply.
According to the budget proposal
The oil sector increased from eight to ten.
For the cement industry, the retail price is less than 50 kg bags per rupee.
The consumption tax will rise to RS 190.
From the existing RS 290 per ton. 230.
Bags over rupees
190. the consumption tax on cement and cement clinker increased from 8 per cent to 10 per cent.
Sumit Banerjee, general manager of ACC, said that the increase in consumption tax on cement, gasoline and diesel will have some impact on inflation.
EY consulting company (E&Y)
The company says manufacturers may have to absorb some of the tariff increases as supply in the industry exceeds demand.
The ability of cement manufacturers to pass on growth to consumers should depend on demand --
Nitin Gupta, leader of E & Y cement industry, said the supply situation.
India Steel Authority Limited in steel(SAIL)
Chairman and Managing DirectorK.
With the consumption tax rising by two cents, steel prices in China could rise Rs, Roongta said. 500-600 a tonne.
Jayant Acharya, director of steel sales and marketing at JSW, said that the increase in tariffs will only affect certain projects --
Because other user industries will receive a refund.
As demand in industries such as real estate and automobiles improves, steel prices have risen.
Domestic steel prices are within the RS. 26,000-37,000 a tonne.
Steel prices may rise further in months.
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