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calgary co-op eliminating plastic bags from some stores in favour of compostable bag program

by:Kenwei      2019-09-13
Calgary Co-
The Op\'s packaged shopping bag project has been very successful and local retailers will soon completely eliminate plastic bags in their liquor stores and convenience stores. As of Aug.
19, Calgary United Mall
Oupu\'s wine and beer shop, convenience store and gas station, I can choose to bring my own reusable bag or buy a 100 packable bag for 10 cents, which can be used in-
It is then stored at home with a kitchen bin and a green bin.
\"This is something we have been focusing on --
Calgary said: \"The way to reduce environmental footprint
A spokesman for op, the sage, prun McIntosh.
\"We still see some demand (for plastic)
But we see less demand.
They really like this packed bag. ”Calgary Co-
With grocery stores across the country taking steps to reduce plastic waste, op\'s efforts came into being.
Sobeys Inc. on Wednesday.
Become the first national grocery chain in Canada to offer.
Nova Scotia-
By January, it will use paper and reusable bags at 255 outlets across the country, the company said.
Next year, the Safeway, FreshCo and food land stores and the IGA locations in Montreal will follow. In Calgary, Co-
The Op, which opened in its grocery store for the first time on April 22, began charging a fee of £ 5 on the same day
Cents for plastic bags.
Since then, the retailer has said it has sold 736,000 bags that can be packed.
About 10,000 per day).
The combination of stacking bag options and the cost of plastic leads to almost 73 reduction in card-in for plastic bags
Op shoppers, same 15-
Week of 2018.
Pullen McCann added that the compostable package itself is very popular with customers, Co-
This is how the Op store is packaged now.
\"It took a little time.
There are some problems online. . .
The cost and all of these works were originally, \"she said.
\"But while we certainly see the use of reusable bags, it seems like a good option for people to be able to wrap because they also use them at home.
\"While it makes sense to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags, Silwan shalbois, director of the agricultural department, said
Laboratory of food analysis, Dalhousie University, Sobeys and Calgary
What Op is doing is just a small part of solving plastic problems in the food industry.
The bigger problem, he said, isuse plastic —
From baked goods to berries and tomatoes, for example, flip-over containers everywhere --
For food packaging. “Bags are low-
\"Hang fruit,\" says Charlebois.
\"The biggest problem is food packaging, and this measure does not solve the problem at all.
Earlier this year, the subway
A grocery store with stores in Ontario and Quebec-
The announcement will allow customers to bring their own reusable containers from home.
Loeb has announced that he will work with an American.
A company specializing in consignment packaging
Annual pilot projects in the Toronto area.
The pilot project called Loop will enable customers who order online to deliver selected products to their homes in reusable packaging.
When the customer has finished processing the product, the package can be returned to loblaww, cleaned, refilled and used again.
Both methods are experimental, says Charlebois.
Loblaw\'s relies on the consumer\'s willingness to pay extra for food packaging items that can be reused, while Metro\'s raises significant food safety issues. (
It is possible to spread pathogens or allergens through containers that customers seem to be \"clean. )
As far as it is concerned
Op is also looking for ways to solve the packaging dilemma, but food safety needs to be prioritized, prun McIntosh said.
\"We have been evaluating our goods --
Our products, our bakery, our deli
See what works best for all of these areas, \"she said.
\"But it is now in the research phase.
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