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britain makes body scanners mandatory

by:Kenwei      2019-08-30
The first kids went through it.
On Tuesday, as the UK began to force a secondary search using controversial machines, the body scanner at Manchester Airport.
The pickers pass by MM-
The wave scanner is a machine.
Airport spokesman Russell Craig told the Star that it was a random decision.
\"No one cares about race, gender, age, etc. ,” he said.
\"This is a real random element.
Craig said: \"traditional metal detectors have been set to randomly trigger alarms-for example, one out of every 20 passengers-even if there is no metal to trigger an alarm.
Now, this random selection means that the selected passengers must pose inside the scanner, which detects the contraband below through their clothes.
He said they would not fly if they refused.
\"In addition to the random selection, if the passenger fails to pass the explosive swab test, they will be sent through the scanner;
If they trigger a metal detector, the source cannot be detected safely;
He said, or if they ask for a scanner for medical or religious reasons.
Craig expects all the big U. K.
The airport will be full.
All terminals must be equipped with body scanners in the coming months.
\"Whether more measures will be introduced is still under debate.
Discussions are underway on expanding secret security.
We know the body scanner is not the final answer.
With the development of security, the threat is also evolving.
What is secret security?
\"The truth is, I don\'t know it myself.
I knew it would.
Is coffee OK?
Is the clerk a security guard?
\"That\'s probably what she is.
Toronto Pearson International Airport starts using a full
Terminal 1 body scanner for flights to the United StatesS.
As a voluntary alternative to physical slapping
In a secondary search.
A spokesman for Transport Canada, Melanie Quesnel, said there was no discussion about the mandatory use of scanners.
Craig said the British government ordered the two airports with scanners, Manchester Terminal 1 and Heathrow Terminal 4, to be used forcibly from noon on Monday.
The government also asked for a scan of children under the age of 18 as they had determined that the images were not indecent.
\"No one has ever experienced a tough problem like this,\" Craig said . \".
\"Everyone knows how controversial these scanners are, and there are really serious issues with privacy and children. ”Millimetre-
Wave scanners like Manchester and Toronto use radio frequencies instead of radiation to distinguish between skin and metal or plastic.
Craig estimates that less than 7 million passengers passing through Manchester Terminal 1 each year will be required to accept a comprehensivebody scan.
Security personnel still have the right to order passengers to enter the scanner they question, Craig said.
\"One of the very interesting things about the body scanner is that a lot of people are actively volunteering.
It brings a lot of trouble to the seat belt.
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