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brexit, 293ad: immaculate gold coin worth 100k emblazoned with face of rebel roman who took britain out of empire is discovered by an amateur metal detectorist

by:Kenwei      2019-08-28
An amateur metal detective found a well-preserved gold coin in a field in Kent, dating back to 2,000 years.
It was printed on the face of Emperor alektu, who saved Britain from the Roman Empire during the reign of about 293AD, and was touted as the first Brecht.
The 24k gold coin, known as \"S. Aureus\", is expected to sell for £ 100,000 ($130,000)
Later this year, when the auction
An anonymous amateur in a newly discovered coin
A cultivated land near the ancient Roman highway in Dover, Kent. The 30-year-
The old discoverer initially thought the coin was fake because of its condition until it weighed 4 lbs. 31 grams -
Confirm its source.
Scroll down to watch the video there is only one known matching example in the world that resides in the British Museum.
Due to its combination of rarity and preservation, it is considered to be sold for £ 6
The sum of figures by London auctioneer Dix Nunan Weber.
The coin was the first all ectus coin found in 50 years, about the size of a coin.
The detective said: \"For me, this is really the discovery of my life, and the biggest discovery I have found in a few miles.
\"At first, I was very skeptical about its authenticity because it was very shiny, but when I realized what it might be, I was completely frightened by it.
The British Museum then confirmed this and the experts there were as ecstatic as I was.
He said it was one of the best discoveries he had ever seen.
From 293 AD to 296AD ad, Allectus ruled the northern part of Britain and Gaul.
He is best known for trying to lead a rebel empire that actually annexed Britain from Rome.
He was nicknamed \"breakfast of his time\" by many people and assassinated in the battle of 296AD.
The coin depicts a noble man.
On one side and on the front, two prisoners of alektus kneel at the foot of Apollo.
The coin was discovered last month and can be auctioned under British law. The existing treasure law provides that a single gold coin is not considered a treasure and therefore does not have to be notified to the coroner.
The current controversial plan is to amend the current legislation, including redefining a single gold coin as a treasure when it is discovered.
The portrait artist will have to share £ 50/50 in sales revenue with the landowner.
\"I have never found anything similar in seven years of testing, and now I am still surprised,\" added the accidental discoverer . \".
The owner of the land has been told and is obviously very excited.
\"I don\'t have any plans for the money at the moment, but the first thing the landlord said to me was that they were going on vacation.
\"I really wish I could afford this coin, but unfortunately it is far beyond my reach.
There is no history of Roman coins in this field.
I searched it before and didn\'t find anything but found it after searching for about 45 minutes.
Nigel Mills, coin consultant at dix Nunan Weber, said: \"It\'s an amazing discovery and one of the best-placed coins in the world.
\"I \'ve never seen such a person in my 40 years of work, so it\'s really an amazing discovery.
We hope it will attract a lot of people\'s interest, because it is all about it.
\"The rare thing is there, the condition is there, it is made of 24k gold, all of which makes it a magical coin.
Sales took place in June 12.
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