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breakfast in delhi india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-10
This is our first day in Delhi.
Due to the 24-hour travel day and the time difference of 13 and a half hours, our biological clock is closed (
It\'s weird that it\'s half, never heard of it)
We decided to start sightseeing early.
As advised by our AirBnB host, we walked about 10 minutes to the defense colonial market for breakfast at Sagar.
From the United States, whether it\'s cereal, eggs, toast, fruit, waffles, etc. , we are very used to our traditional Western breakfast.
So I know, I need to get used to something new (
You all know it\'s hard for me, especially in terms of food).
We really don\'t know what 95% of the menu items are and the language barrier is hard to ask, so we took a chance (
Not a crazy opportunity, but a chance)
Ordered a copy of Mysore Masala Dosa, which is spicy, based on red chutney, stuffed with a mixture of potatoes and onions and a portion of butter dosahopefully).
They are delicious.
There is also a dish of spicy vegetable soup (
Soup for breakfast? )
And a variety of dipping sauces.
Everything was delicious;
However, it is not as cheap as we expected.
The meal cost is about $16 (
We think this is important except in India)
But you live, you learn.
We took a 20 minute taxi to dilihart from breakfast, which was their Exchange Meeting version.
The taxi we took reminded me of something about Cuba, and although I have never been to Cuba, one can only imagine it.
Dilihart is a huge outdoor market offering a variety of hand-made products and local specialties.
Local vendors sell clothes, pottery, shoes, art and more.
It\'s a good thing that we have such a tight budget and only one backpack because I could have spent an entire paycheck (
Not even there anymore)
We were here in that hour.
After Delie Hart, we decided to wear a brave, adventurous hat and take the subway to Haiz cajas village. Yes, the Metro.
That is, public transportation.
What we didn\'t even do in Los Angeles, let alone one of the most populous countries in the world.
We think we will try it once. If we fail, then that\'s it.
If we succeed, we can save a lot of money and time.
Who do you think we are?
I guess you guessed it wrong?
I am sorry to say to you gently, but you are wrong.
It was a success.
One-way tokens per person start at $0. 15 to $0. 30.
In addition, this is the rest time for all the horns on the street.
We also feel safe because we have to go through metal detectors before we fall down.
There are different lines for men and women, it\'s a bit scary to separate, but everything is solved.
Find something that does not belong in the picture below. . . P. S.
Since it makes us feel safer, we keep the bag in front of us all the time.
That way, we can see it, not in the back, risking someone who might open it up without even realizing it.
Maybe too cautious, but it makes us relaxed.
As soon as we got out of the station, we arrived at the village of Hazia cajas within a 20-minute walk.
Walking in India, like doing anything in India, is never a boring moment.
Pedestrians are definitely not right away, so every action you do, you \'d better do it wisely.
Like you\'re playing video games, like duck hunting (
For those born after 1990, you may not know what that is)
You are the duck.
Your destiny is in your hands.
And, as I mentioned before, driving in India is the most surreal concept because it definitely doesn\'t flow.
Cars, bikes, rickshaws, cows, goats, moped, tuk
Dogs, people, stray dogs, etc.
All on the same road, there is usually no lane on this road, so everyone is trying to get through the top of everyone as soon as possible.
But I was thrilled with all this confusion.
It shocked me, and so far what we know is the only thing they really know.
As we immerse ourselves in all the smells, sights and sounds around us, I feel like I\'m constantly saying, \"Vinny, oh my God, look over there. \"Can you believe it \".
Like I was a baby who had just come out of the womb and saw life for the first time.
This is incredible to me.
For example, it\'s not that men shave in the shower (
Because most people don\'t even have a shower here)
Or go to the local barber shop (
Usually composed of four walls, a door and a roof)
Locals set up an indifferent station on the street and trained each other in the way of old schools. . .
Or they use the old school way to iron clothes. . .
Or they make marshmallow in an old-fashioned way. . .
Maybe it\'s an old school for us, but maybe it\'s very simple for them.
I think this is relative.
When we finally arrived at Haiz cajas, we strolled aimlessly in the village and soaked everything in it.
There are shops, restaurants and street food vendors, as well as a mosque and a grave, all built around an urbanised village, dating back to the 13th century.
Starbucks, of course.
When we get lostin a good way)
We met one of the poorest alleys we have ever seen.
Kids don\'t have shoes or even pants, trash on the street, dusty bodies running around --
But they are laughing, playing and entertaining.
This is very refreshing as we are used to seeing kids with iphone, ipad, ipod, I and I.
One of the comments I read over and over in various blogs is not to feel bad or sad for the locals because they are too poor --
They are happy with what they have because they really don\'t know what the difference is.
I hope this is true.
It was time for lunch so we went back to the main area and dared to eat street food.
We were told to avoid eating meat if possible, so we did.
We shared a $1 vegetable package. 30 (
It\'s more like this now), and so yummy.
Every bite has a different taste and my mouth is drooling.
After the village of Hazia kahasz, we took the subway again, and yes, we went to Khan Market again.
More shops, more restaurants, more people to watch.
Nothing is too exciting, but it\'s always a pleasure to check out the new site.
We had dinner and decided it was time to go home because we were tired after a long day out.
Instead of taking a taxi or taking the subway, we tried to use Uber.
Yes, Uber is in India.
I know it\'s crazy, but it\'s genius.
The first attempt failed, the second attempt failed, and the third attempt failed-
Three strikes out.
I hope luck will be better next time.
That\'s it today, see you tomorrow!
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