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bread price hiked by record rs 3 as input costs soar | mumbai news - times of india

by:Kenwei      2019-09-16
Mumbai: bread makers have caused a physical blow to the food budget of ordinary people, they have raised the price of a small bread, the price of a small bread has reached an amazing 3 rupees, big bread
Wibs, Britannia and Modern have raised the price of their 400 genetically modified bread from RS 22 to Rs 25, raising the price of 800 genetically modified bread from RS 44 to Rs 48
Local bakers can follow suit.
The hike took effect on Saturday, August 11.
Khodadad Irani, Wibs, leading the association of Indian bakers (IBA)
No comments were made on unprecedented growth.
Neither did Asim Sony, CEO of modern food based in guluk.
However, the two bak associations believe that the rise in maida prices and the plastic ban on the Maharashtra government are the main reasons.
\"The price of refined flour has risen from Rs 50-1,150
Bag to 1,300 rupees.
It is not possible for us to absorb these costs, \"said Jafar Irani of the bakery in Worli city, a member of the International Bar Association.
Prasad, the father of Satyajit Dhargalkar, who leads the National Bakery Association, said that the price of a kilo of maida is 26 rupees, not 18 rupees.
\"The use of eco-friendly plastics at every stage is also an expensive proposition.
\"Smaller manufacturers have also accused the state of the plastic ban, saying packaging manufacturers are forced to change their infrastructure and raw materials because of the new guidelines.
\"They now have to print their names on each bag and increase the micron thickness,\" said Aslam Khan of Worli\'s Gold Star Bakery . \".
\"The packaging has remained the same so far, but will change in a few days.
So far we have some reservations on our own, but may raise the interest rate by RS or 2.
Jafar Ilani noted: \"It\'s not just bread bags.
Not having a handbag is a big problem.
Each item is packed and shipped in a handbag.
\"This record growth will weaken the household budget of ordinary consumers and use about 20-25 bread a day.
The owner of the Lokhandwala Complex home selection store said, \"The buyer was clearly shocked to see three rupees rising on a small loaf.
So far, one to two rupees have been added.
On average, each family buys one pack a day.
Ramesh Mhatre of the lucky sandwich company said in the mean Parle, \"This growth is too high for any supplier, especially for roadside sellers.
We can\'t raise the price so that ordinary consumers don\'t refuse, so now we have to bear it with a smile.
Sanjay Naik of Andheri East Mahakali Road Om Sai Sandwich said, \"bread prices are rising every year, with middle-class consumers bearing the brunt.
What else should passers-by or commuters eat?
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