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by:Kenwei      2019-09-13
Food manufacturing brainstorming is characterized by industry experts sharing their views on issues that are critical to the entire food industry market.
On this question, we ask: what are the most important considerations for manufacturer processing in a cold or frozen environment?
Dennis Brin, national sales manager at Nercon Eng. & Mfg. ,Inc.
Define the scope of the project, including size, speed, durability, maintenance, and manual impact.
Check these considerations and requirements within the specific temperature range required to process the product.
The temperature requirements of the production line, in whole or in part, have the greatest impact on how the equipment used for processing in a cold environment needs to be designed, from layout to automation level. [
Slightly] Illustrations
Please note that the equipment processed in a cold environment is more likely to experience a shortened life cycle due to extreme temperature pressure.
It must be ensured that all equipment components and lubricants used in cold environments are manufactured in accordance with the designed specifications to meet the unique challenges of processing in cold and frozen environments. Heavy-
Duty motors and bearings manufactured to withstand harsh temperatures usually have a higher upfront price, but their use can save the manufacturer\'s valuable downtime and the site that comes with it.
Walker Stockley, marketing director of fresh red meat, is in the sealed AirCryovac food packaging within the meat industry, and in order to reduce bacterial growth and maintain product integrity, the packaging environment is always coldin.
Therefore, both equipment and packaging materials must be subjected to the harsh test of the cold environment, usually around 40 [degrees]F or lower.
This can be difficult for the equipment and requires constant lubrication and design while also considering hygiene issues.
The equipment will not be cleaned using stainless steel constructiondown approved.
The equipment shall also provide protection of electrical components and automatic refueling of worn parts.
Cryovacbrand equipment incorporated these considerations into the design of all food packaging equipment and tested in a cold room environment to ensure normal operation. [
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The manufacturer must also consider the packaging materials used in the coldor freezing environment.
In addition to the equipment, the design of the packaging material should be able to resist bending
Crack in a cold environment and seal and set properly in cold conditions.
Most of the time, the completed package is sent through a frozen Tunnel (
Salt water, air, carbon dioxide or nitrogen)
Freeze or completely freeze meat or processed food.
The biggest challenge is not freezing, but the handling of frozen packaging.
Once frozen, the packaging is most vulnerable to flex
If dropped or abused, the cracked or potentially damaged packaging of the frozen product.
Packaging materials must be evaluated in the simulation exercise to ensure that the specifications are sufficient to meet the application.
If not, then the material abuse resistance can be adjusted or compensated by increasing the thickness.
An example is the shrink bag for the frozen Turkish market, where good hot water shrink performance is necessary for a tight look, but the product is hard frozen and protected until most products are on holiday[
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At the consumer level, frozen products are also the most difficult to deal.
In some cases, it is necessary to remove the packaging material before thawing and further processing.
Grip for this situation-and-
Tear bags can be used to ease the inconvenience of consumers.
When all the plastic is taken out of the product, these bags can also be painted in blue to facilitate presentation to the end user, just like exporting boneless pork waist.
This new packaging material-
Combined with vacuum packaging and heat sealing closed shrink bag-
Enhanced protection can be provided for frozen meat, whether domestic or export, and bags can be opened.
Mike staki, marketing director, MeadwestVaco food packaging, believes that the refrigerated and frozen supply chain is a challenging environment because the product and its packaging can go through many different things before finally reaching the final consumer
For manufacturers that process in cold and frozen environments, the packaging is made up of high
Quality, moisture
Resistant materials that can withstand the harsh test of freezingthaw cycle.
Although some manufacturers choose coatingrecycledboard (CRB)
Due to its low initial cost, studies have shown that due to its low quality, the ability of recycled fibers to support in the cold chain is not as good as some cardboard made of raw fibers.
After five freezes
Freeze-thaw cycle, Cr snowflake beer only retains the appearance of 27% death, although the customs of MWV armor hand, made of renewablysourced native fiber, retains the original power of 46%, according to Michigan State University.
Packaging plants with lower quality packages like CRB on filling lines are also more likely to be distorted or damaged, resulting in product waste and cost delays.
Since moisture is a constant factor in cold chain transportation and transportation, packaging materials that maintain strength under harsh conditions are essential to prevent unsalable sales.
In retail markets around the world, unsalable goods generate billions of dollars in sales at lostrevenue each year.
American consumer research reportS.
75% of shoppers refuse to pack products that are torn, sunken or scratched.
In the event that the last item on the shelf is damaged, 29% can choose another brand.
Packaging is essentially a label for a brand.
If there are signs of damage to the package, it will have a negative impact on the brand and will affect brand loyalty.
For competitors, the perception of \"the brand you trust\" has dropped from 73 percent to 41%, and even has a slight damage to the packaging of the product.
In addition, only minor damage to the brand 25%
Loyal customers question the safety of the product. [
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The appearance and feel of the package will also affect the final effect of the shopping cart.
A recent study by MWV and Moskowitz Jacobs Inc.
An independent research firm found that consumers are 18% more likely to buy high-packaged carton products
High-quality cardboard and unbleached sulfuric acid with inferior solid (SUS)and CRB.
In addition, the study shows that consumers are willing to buy more than £ 12% more when their favorite food packaging is better. Due to the excellent surface consistency and better ink of high-quality cardboard materials, consumers believe that they have higher quality graphics.
By collecting insights from these consumers, MWV learned that choosing the right package for the cold chain is not only critical to ensuring adequate packaging strength, but also affects the perception of brand quality, safety and cost.
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