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bragate 2019: how underwire bras became political in kansas city\'s jail

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07
On May 2019, the Kansas County Detention Center in Kansas City, Missouri, developed a new security policy without warning to local lawyers, requiring all tourists, including prisoners, to pass through metal detectors.
This seems reasonable in theory, but this practice leads to side effects that people think are unexpected: some women\'s underwear bras cause this.
In response, rather than simply using a magic wand like other prisons to determine what caused the alarm, the center refused to let the visiting women pass until they did not detonate the probe.
This means that their bras must fall off in practice.
This is not unique to Kansas City.
In 2018, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania implemented a tougher policy: visitors had only two opportunities to pass through metal detectors
Women must wear bras according to prison regulations.
These policies result in women removing wires from their bras or buying new ones.
In 2011, a Maryland prison was charged after two women were asked to take off their underwear bras before visiting, although prison officials said four months ago that underwear bras were allowed.
In fact, prison rules have a long history, and both prisoners and visitors have a unique adverse effect on women.
What\'s worse in Kansas City is that it\'s a detention center, not a prison;
Almost all of the people held there were not found guilty and therefore considered innocent.
And a lawyer-
People who have been reviewed by the detention center
Who was rejected?
A similar situation in Portland, Maine, caused an official apology on 2015.
But in Kansas City, officials \'response to the prosecutor\'s complaint actually adds insult to the injury.
First, Jackson County Sheriff Darryl Fort é denied that the problem had occurred, calling it \"the wrong message\" and insisted that no one had been told to take off the bra.
This is technically correct.
But, as a lawyer has said, if you choose to enter the detention center without a bra or do not see your client, the detention center does not actually give you a choice.
Similarly, when this issue is brought to the attention of the judge, as part of a larger litigation that bears the burden on the public defense counsel of the County of Sui ,(male)
The judge also denied that the problem existed, arguing that no one else seemed to have any problem with it.
These denials of the actual experience of female lawyers are very disturbing.
Next, Diana Turner, director of the Department of Corrections, came up with a \"solution\": women can stay connected but can only \"not touch\" with prisoners, meaning that lawyers must negotiate with clients through glass.
As counsel points out, this \"solution\" hinders their ability to engage meaningfully with customers and build rapport with them.
Using the phone to communicate through the glass panel makes it impossible for a lawyer to review the evidence with the client or have them sign the document, which is the basic task of the lawyer, especially when their client is still waiting for the trial.
No wonder lawyers find this solution a non-starter.
Turner also accused complaining lawyers of \"wanting [\"] to try to turn gender issues into a class issueing]
As part of the \"educated elite\", \"privilege\" states that all correctional staff must pass the same security measures.
In Turner\'s view, the lawyer basically said, \"it\'s reasonable to doubt your people.
Your staff is just [
Correctional staff].
However, there were no complaints from lawyers that female correctional officers should comply with this policy.
In addition, there may be legitimate reasons for treating correctional officers differently.
There were no records of lawyers smuggling contraband into the prison, but last year a former County corrections officer was sentenced to 16 months in federal prison for smuggling contraband.
Finally, the detention center
Search each prisoner after meeting with a lawyer.
So even if a lawyer tries to smuggle contraband, the correctional officer will catch it under normal circumstances.
So this is not a problem with contraband at all.
Other things are happening here.
Back in the story.
Despite the best efforts of Turner é and Turner, the problem has not disappeared.
More than 70 lawyers signed a lettermen and women —
He also addressed prison officials and local legislatures.
The issue was publicly discussed by County legislator cristós Williams last week at 90-
Minutes of the County People\'s Congress meeting.
At that meeting, however, the lawyers were not compromised.
Sheriff é said the county will not change its policies despite several members expressing their concerns.
Fort é agreed to meet with the complaining lawyer, but there was no date set and there was no reason to hope that he would change his mind.
In fact, the sheriff has already retaliated.
Fort é recently submitted a request for the Sunshine Act to check the lawyer\'s email to legislator Williams on this issue.
When criticized, Fort é defended his request, saying it was intended to \"educate the community about the public record and determine the facts of the alleged comment.
It is not clear what \"education\" his request will provide or what \"facts\" he needs to discover \".
So, for those who keep their scores, when women (Later, man)
They complain about a policy that they see as unnecessary, humiliating and gender-discriminatory, and they encounter gas lights, false solutions, allegations of privilege, delays, and final retaliation.
This is for lawyers, who are by definition fully capable of fighting back.
There are 300 female staff members in the county prison, several of whom have to buy new underwear for the sake of their work, which Turner has actively called a \"policy adjustment \".
The union\'s complaints, however, make it clear that they would rather avoid such unnecessary expenses than simply give in to keep their jobs.
The chaos continues.
A week after the legislative hearing, lawyers reported that their underwear bra was no longer starting metal detectors, although Sheriff sherifé said the machine had not changed.
However, after these first reports, the metal detectors were no longer closed and they began to close again, and the lawyers wondered if the BraGate 2019 would be resolved.
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