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bosasa\'s fishy prawn farm flop

by:Kenwei      2019-08-19
A large number of prawns, corruption and fraudsters, allegations of child molesting and political pressure are all factors in the controversial Bosa water armed disaster.
Until today, possa pranes\'s biggest victory was for former President Jacob Zuma to be his starter on his birthday.
Bosasa\'s business transaction, now known as the global business in Africa (AGO)
He has received much attention since former Bosa chief operating officer Angelo Allegri served on the Zongduo committee.
His hard testimony of Bosa\'s cunning deal shows that corporate executives like CEO Gavin Watson are suspected of bidding fraud, corruption and bribery to buy the influence of key politicians.
Bosa\'s business empire is known for information technology, fencing, safety, and prison dining, but there are few commercial empires involved in shrimp farming.
The R9bn marine farming project \"Africa Marine Ark\", located in Covent Industrial Development Zone, East Cape Province, promises to produce South Africa\'s largest prawn to all capable people, and a lot of work.
High 1 200ha-
Science and technology facilities are known as the world\'s first eco-friendly prawn farm with solid political support in East Cape Province.
The company has several major East Cape African nations on its board of directors.
Sebelik claims to have perfected the world\'s first closed biosafety breeding system, which can be two or three times faster than its competitors.
It also promised to employ people.
Read: DA welcomes the investigation of the fees paid by Bosasa to RamaphosaBut, all the promises turned dust, despite the construction of what looks like a state-of-the-art plant, 2009, seark closed without entering commercial scale production.
It all started in 2005 when an American named David Wells convinced Watson that his organic prawn farming brand was the next big deal.
Wills arrived in South Africa soon, and shrimp farmers in possa seem to be doing business.
Wells became president of the Marine Ark and was responsible for the pilot project.
2007 Bosa announces to the world that it will open the world\'s first eco-friendly prawn farm and boasts that its giant prawns can grow in record time.
While visiting the farm, Wells himself took out very large shrimps from the pond, which were placed in a space-age facility.
The construction is very lively. The restaurants in Port Elizabeth are mouth-watering to eat prawns.
Using a computer control system, the pond is heated to the optimum temperature, the algae level is controlled, and the water quality is strictly controlled to produce his \"organic\" prawns, Wills said.
Seadek farmed Pacific white shrimp, which is very susceptible to virus infection, which eliminates the population and may spread to the local prawn species.
But adding antibiotics reduces the value of shrimp because the price of organic shrimp is high.
Wells insisted that his prawns were raised without any antibiotics and that he kept the prawns healthy by \"eliminating\" the factors that spread the disease.
\"It takes a crime to destroy my farm,\" he said . \".
The swindler farmer, but the criminal has appeared.
Wills, a convicted fraudster, is well known in American circles as he pretends to advance animal rights, but in fact uses them for economic gain.
In fact, Bosa\'s international partners are a disaster waiting to happen.
Dismissed as deputy in 1995 will
President of Washington, one of the world\'s largest animal rights organizations
After being accused of fraud and sexual harassment, the humanitarian community in the United States.
On 1999, he was sentenced to six months in prison for embezzlement and a fine of $800, and prosecutors accused him of gambling in Las Vegas.
Listen: When The Post and the Guardian reveal the twists and turns of Will\'s past, bossa boss Jose zzi and Watson talk about the things that affect Zuma, former spokesperson and director Papa, if not the most knowledgeable authority in all aspects of aquaculture in the United States.
Watson also denied that Wills had a criminal record at the time and played down the possibility of Wills participating in the project.
He told M & G that Wills was just one of the teams hired by seaemployee.
\"Of course, he was involved in something, but it was a long time ago,\" Watson said . \".
\"He has a great reputation in the shrimp industry.
\"The Environmental Protection Association claims that the project is also counter-productive in terms of environmental protection, as it has sparked strong opposition from local environmental activists, including SA National Park.
At that time, there were allegations that environmental impact assessment in East Cape Province (EIA)had been fast-
Was tracked for his political relationship.
Funds became a struggle for the Sea Ark, and after lying about the alleged R70m Saudi Arabia deal, no more money flowed into the project.
Leshabane blamed his death on underinvestment and rising electricity bills at Eskom.
After the Ark\'s collapsed will returned to Texas to start another multi-pound lawsuit.
Dollar prawn farming enterprise named \"Global Blue technology\"Cameron (GBT-C).
There it was discovered that, in addition to being a liar, the will could also be the person who molested the child.
He was arrested on 2015 on federal charges of trafficking in children.
Prosecutors charged that the will paid for a woman to have sex with her daughter within a few years, starting at the age of nine.
After several delays, the will is now scheduled for trial next month, and the nature of the charges makes 66-year-
If convicted, the old man will spend the rest of his life in a federal prison.
In hindsight, dealing with characters like Wills may not be Bosasa\'s best idea.
Later, it was discovered that the project\'s chief Australian scientist was the real brain behind the project, and he later filed a lawsuit against seadek on the project\'s intellectual property rights.
Haoden prawn farming, but Bosa shrimp farming has not yet been completed.
Six years after the collapse of East Cape Verde, the company announced that it would open a multi-million-dollar factory.
Located in the rand prawn farm in West Rand, it is close to Bosa\'s headquarters in Kruger Temple.
The new joint venture will be named Bio-Organics.
The houden government fully supports the project, and it is not surprising that considering the testimony of kabzzi regarding the connection between possa and the houden ANC leader, such as nomwarra moknian.
The new joint venture is designed to take advantage of the technology of the old East Cape plant, although Bosa is very tight --
After the legal proceedings, people were vague about the technology.
Problems with water, power and disease control are also plaguing new factories.
The farm survived long enough to provide a starter for Zuma\'s birthday party on 2015, and Bosa sponsored the party.
\"This project is properly named Bio-
Bosasa wrote in a newsletter on the website.
Like the East Cape project, it has renewed its commitment to providing jobs.
Bosa has a unique approach to aquaculture.
Not only does it have the potential to contribute [the]
Our country\'s rural development plan, but it also promises to bring jobs to these almost abandoned areas.
\"Although the Gordon government supports the project, it acknowledges that no environmental impact assessment has been carried out on the project and submits all issues to Bosa, who refuses to discuss biological issuesOrganics.
The project has never landed. By 2017, Bosa became a failed shrimp farmer again.
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