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body scanners on trial at sydney airport

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
A complete test
Human body scanners are being installed at Sydney Airport international terminal.
Transport Minister Anthony aiberdyis launched the trial this morning, which will last less than three weeks.
The scanner will also be available for trial at Melbourne Airport next month.
These machines are controversial at airports around the world, and there is concern that they will expose passengers to radio waves and x-ray radiation.
Privacy organizations have also condemned some scanners because they provide detailed images of the human body.
The federal government wants to avoid this controversy by trying out machines that can produce a general outline of a person.
Suspicious objects are highlighted in color, but the scanner does not produce an image of the human genitals.
The information collected will also not be shared or stored.
Ai said that once people see the technology, he believes their concerns will disappear.
\"We are very confident that, as people now accept, they have to walk through the scanner and have to go through the x-
We believe very clearly that they will accept the technology . \"
\"We\'re doing some trials so people can see it for themselves.
\"Any passenger who starts a metal detector alarm can choose to be scanned, or adopt a more traditional pat-
Pressed down by security guards. Topic: security-
Intelligence, defenseand-national-Sydney-Safetyinternational-airport-
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