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b.c. legislature scanners flagging weapons daily, officials say

by:Kenwei      2019-08-29
Enhanced security of B. C.
Officials say the legislature collects weapons every day and proves its value as a building in the Washington, DC Capital. C.
And elsewhere in response to rising gun threats. New X-
Since January, fax machines and metal detectors have been in place at the entrance to the legislature, after the October 2014 shooting on Capitol Hill in Ottawa triggered a security review.
Security officials constantly review their usage and assess new threat levels triggered by other incidents, such as events in the United States on MondayS.
Capitol Building in Washington, D. C. C. .
Police killed a man who was apparently mentally ill and he pulled out his weapon.
The sergeant said: \"Since we started using the scanner, we have encountered knives every day. at-
Gary Renz, who is in charge of the security of the legislature.
\"The size of the tool depends on the length of the blade.
They are not prohibited weapons, but we will care about them. We will take them from people and give them back.
Lenz said in an interview: \"The security guard also seized the tactical baton and pepper spray marked by the scanner.
\"It\'s amazing that people know they\'re going through an X-
They brought it.
In most cases, they say, \'Oh, we don\'t know we can\'t, \'or \'We don\'t know it\'s going to be a problem.
So far, no one has carried guns to the legislature.
Luntz said he expects the situation to change this summer with more visits to the United StatesS. tourists.
A person brings a laser indicator with realistic shapes and details like a gun.
\"It looks like a pistol,\" Lenz said . \".
Lenz said the man was quickly pulled aside by the security services and he did not think it would be an issue, but later admitted that he understood the concern. “The X-
The Ray device is definitely working on it.
It is ensuring that items that may be harmful are removed.
I\'m not saying that the person who brought them even had this intention, but the idea is to remove them from the building.
\"The new scanner costs $235,000, including the entrance to the redesigned building.
Security personnel in some legislative bodies have been armed.
So far, there have been very few complaints from tourists, says Lenz.
The scanner works every day, but it will re-
When MLAs ends a spring session, evaluate based on security-threat levels.
\"Given what happened in Brussels and Paris and what you see around the world, everyone in these areas has raised their profile,\" Lenz said . \".
\"There is always potential.
The idea is that you need to balance the security posture we use and the threats we know about, and to maintain democracy where people have the right to use public facilities.
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