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automatic bagging & palletising at dunns.

by:Kenwei      2019-08-19
Dunns a few months ago (Long Sutton)
Ltd contacted ChronosRichardson to learn about their new requirements for automatic bagging and stacking systems at the Lincs Long Sutton plant.
Dunns is a long man-
Agricultural Seed traders have been established to provide high-quality pulse products for human consumption in domestic and export markets.
Their request is to bag the beans at high speed.
Mouth paper and woven polypropylene bag. Duplex CHRONO-
The WEIGHTM E55 real price hagging scale is to use three ideas and then precision weighments to enter the exposed
Oral bag automatically presented by high to filling mouth
Quick bag sand mine.
Then, aCHRONO-automatic pallet general seam bagPAL[TM]
Compact stacker with rated weight of 1000 bags/hour.
The compact stacker provides some major benefits for Dunns.
The neat and stable pallets produced not only allow the average loading of the additional 4 full pallets into each container, but also greatly reduce the loading time of placing the full pallet into the container.
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