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ask the pilot

by:Kenwei      2019-09-07
The captain of an airline, we call him Steve. S.
Three at the airport-day assignment.
He was dressed in a full crew outfit and in a ubiquitous black roll.
Aircraft and flight cases.
In Steve\'s pocket is a plastic box with his FAA pilot license, medical certificate, Company I. D.
And tarmac access badge.
Steve arrived at the mouth of concourse C and TSA staff looked at his certificate and allowed him to pass.
Allow him to pass, that is, metal detectors and X-ray machine.
There, before heading to the boarding gate where his jet and passengers were waiting, Steve and his belongings went through exactly the same review as Flight 1.
About 5 million paying passengers move through the national terminal every day.
His pocket was emptied, his laptop was taken away, and his luggage was scanned as contraband.
A screening officer at TSA asked Steve to open his overnight bag for a more careful check.
Meanwhile, in a humble attachment at the far end of the terminal, a young worker, what we call Hector, is punching in for 4 p. m.
Midnight shift.
In a small backpack, he carried the radio, changed clothes and meals packed from home.
After taking the shuttle bus from the parking lot, Hector arrived at the unattended door.
He enters the PIN code and slides the magnetic badge through the slot.
The door was buzzing and opened and Hector could walk in.
Hector, a 24-year-old American from Guatemala, is employed by a company that supplies huts.
Cleaning services for airlines.
Several large airlines have signed contracts with Hector, and his first task this afternoon is to sort out and rectify a
Air France Flight 777 landed and then flew to Paris with 270 people on board.
Hector hates long term work
As the seats and aisles are clogged with garbage, long-distance turnaround is required.
He will no longer be subject to security checks once he enters the building.
The tarmac is within walking distance, and a van takes Hector and his colleagues to the plane waiting to be cleared.
Maybe the flight crew will surprise you. -
Pilots and flight attendants-
Is one of the few airport staff who have been screened by the same journey, and tens of thousands of people like Hector-
Catering, cleaning, machinery, gate agent and luggage loader-
Their duties require unrestricted access to the jet aircraft to be able to completely bypass this checkpoint.
Most of these people are themselves airline employees, although a large part of them are contract employees belonging to outside companies.
When Steve sat in the cockpit and went through the preliminary list, everything from the flashlight battery to the underwear was given once --
Hector, under the cover of a guard, rummaged in the unconscious space of the plane, free and clear.
Or, considering the level of safety
Since the terrorist attacks of 2001, we have experienced the related buffet and you are not surprised at all.
But no matter how cynical a person is about our post
Windmills chase attacks, these pairs
So far, standard course procedures can be said to be the most obvious example of stupidity ---
Such blatant contradictions are almost unbelievable.
After the crash of Pacific Southwest Airlines, the FAA asked the pilots and flight attendants to check at the checkpoint (PSA)flight in 1987.
David Burke, a recently fired ground worker, used his documents (the airline failed to recover) to carry a concealed pistol on Flight 1771 from Los Angeles to San Francisco.
On the way, he shot two pilots and sent the plane to the ground near Harmony in California.
All 44 people on board were killed.
The FAA\'s response was not to inspect ground workers, but to inspect pilots and flight attendants.
As a PR stunt, passengers now see the crew having to wait in the same annoying security queue as everyone else.
It looks like a more stringent system, and it doesn\'t actually stop another David Burke.
However, changes may come. On May 26, Rep.
Nita lovey, a Democrat representing Westchester and Rockland counties in New York, re-introduced legislation to eliminate the current loopholes.
Her bill is called \"guarantee the standard for medical examination at the airport \"(GAPSS)
The Act of 2005 will require all workers entering aircraft or sensitive areas to undergo physical examination.
The legislation was introduced before the end of last year ---
It\'s too late to act, but raise awareness of the issue in a timely manner.
Lowey said: \"The system is not working until the current inconsistency is resolved.
\"At present, all workers with airport privileges, whether they are pilots, luggage loaders or washbasins, are subject to fingerprint identification, which is a 10-
Criminal background and cross-examination
Check the anti-terrorism watch list.
On 2003, a drug smuggling gang organized by airport staff was disbanded at JFK International Airport in New York.
As early as 2002, when the government launched the tarmac operation, more than 800 ground staff members were arrested for discrepancies in background checks, including repeated failure to report past felony crimes.
While it is tempting to say that the labor force has been fully removed, there are still plenty of precedents for illegal activities that deserve extra vigilance.
After all, the possibility of someone carrying a bomb working in a lunch bucket, whether it\'s
An al-Qaida agent or a draftsman like Timothy McVey may have nothing to do with his or her past.
\"These existing checks are not enough,\" Lowey insists . \".
\"We \'ve seen the screening gaps that are being used for criminal purposes, why open the door to worse things? \"It\'s a bit confusing that the federal government is reluctant to accept the common sense of most people.
TSA rejected a similar offer in 2002, ostensibly for cost reasons, although no estimates have been released according to Lowey\'s office.
Just last year, the Government Accountability Bureau recommended a more rigorous screening of about 1 million employees who are currently able to bypass explosive devices --sniffing, X-
The ups and downs that affect the rest of us.
The suggestion was ignored.
Given the government\'s relentless focus on security, from our color perspective --
Every time a call to terrorism is coded alert level, how can this idea not be as popular as some people see, more evidence of tolerance for the status quo, A government tends to be both beautiful ---
A desire to strengthen awareness of tight security rather than to ensure what is real.
\"I don\'t know why we have so much resistance to this,\" Lowey said . \".
\"TSA didn\'t say much, but I was under the impression that they felt that the bill might be too inconvenient for the airport.
\"My own inquiries about TSA were unsuccessful, so it\'s hard to say, but the agency seems to think that the airport itself, not any overall government regulation, is best able to protect itself.
Certain airports have proactively issued requirements for equal screening of all airportssite staff.
This moving room for local regulation seems a bit strange, coming from a federal government so insisting on strict micro-management that refuses to let the public bring scissors to the plane.
For many, the idea that TSA is worried about the convenience of the airport is ridiculous.
At the same time, however, TSA\'s attitude is surprisingly refreshing.
The purpose of highlighting this vulnerability should not be to scare people or cause a sensation.
In general, the system works and the sky is very safe.
Perhaps it would be too heavy or completely impractical for the airport to add millions of daily screenings.
Do we now ask the airline\'s mechanics to hand over the screwdriver before repairing the cockpit meter, and if there are no other requirements, here is a chance to finally get rid of our obsession with metal objects ---
Self nagging
Defeat the remains of Sept11.
I think we have evolved to a higher state of consciousness, and good luck to anyone who is stupid enough to believe in the modus operandi, mohammed Atta and his 18 assistants have succeeded in a short opportunity.
However, why does our security approach adhere to this unworkable terrorist template, and at the same time, the Air Line Pilots Association (ALPA)
The world\'s largest coalition of pilots is a major supporter of the idea known as a transport worker\'s ID card (TWIC).
A universal TWIC embedded in chips containing biometric data and other information will allow the crew to bypass most or most of the current metal-
Detector nonsense.
\"The process is lagging behind,\" said Dennis Dolan, vice president of ALPA . \".
\"Pilot with background --
The standards for inspection and careful inspection were much higher compared to ground staff, but other staff did not check carefully.
Baggage scanning is one thing because in theory crew luggage can be tampered with, but the TWIC card should eliminate deface
The ups and downs that are happening now.
ALPA began calling for a generic I. D.
Shortly after the PSA incident 18 years ago.
Knocked a few times in the database at the company\'s headquarters, David Burke may be blocked from boarding.
TWIC is the same concept, but unlike magnetic strips or optical strips, microchips allow more information to be stored.
I\'m not a fan forever.
The increasing level of technology is an antidote to terrorism. dirty, low-
Technology theater, but anything that lasts
Staff on duty do not need to take off their shoes or grab their crocro.
Finally, we found something in conflict.
Some people think this situation is a loud call for weapons and they can use any number of doomsday scenarios: don\'t know al-
People connected to al-Qaida, food and beverage suppliers carrying sandwiches and soda cans secretly carrying explosives, and luggage handlers smuggled bombs into their stomachs.
On the other hand, those who are more pragmatic and less emotionally active on security issues may argue that the answer is not for some impossible zero tolerance, however, while reducing the screening of excessive enthusiasm for pilots and flight attendants, accept a certain degree of risk.
\"Why should we waste our precious resources on those who we are almost sure we are not a threat? \" Dolan asked ? \".
\"At some point, we have to admit that we will never have the perfect security and we have to get the most out of where we think the biggest threat is.
\"As these things evolve, the most effective solution will be in.
At the same time, there is a cautious factor that can be considered with certainty, but in essence, it is a matter of consistency, not a sign of disaster.
If we\'re going to show it--
In fact, each of us will need some sort of review by default ---
Let us do so fairly and wisely.
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