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are you being ripped off at the supermarket? woolworths caught selling products weighing 40 per cent less than promised

by:Kenwei      2019-08-18
Supermarket giants Woolworths and Coles were fined for packing food weighing between 9 lbs.
4 cents and 41 cents less than advertising.
Audit by the National Institute of Metrology (NMI)
Trade-transaction regulators involved in measurement in Australia have found that thousands of businesses are packing food that weighs less than required.
Of the 11,000 companies tested, pre-discovery of woolworth-
The packaged mock cream sponge birthday cake is 41 cents lighter than claimed.
The supermarket admitted the crime and was fined $3,300.
A spokesman for Woolworth told the Daily Mail
The incident and blamed it on the \"human error\" of the marooochydore store on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland \".
We have implemented refresher training to ensure that high standards are maintained in response to the supply
The store produces products for customers, he said.
At the same time, Woolworth\'s main rival, Coles, fell into hot water after discovering the supermarket\'s lamb chops as high as nine.
The advertising weight of the product is less than 4 cents.
Coles admitted that when unloading the product, the weighing instrument was not zero when measuring the product and was fined $3,000 for negligence.
A spokesman for the supermarket said the case involved \"a single store for a product one day in July 2013 \".
He said Coles was very serious about fulfilling its responsibility for trade measurement, with strong operational and compliance systems in every store across Australia.
\"The problem was caused by an automatic cut and weighing machine where a piece of fresh meat was stuck between slices, and it was quickly corrected with no errors --
The goods with labels were sold to customers.
Other Biss and Woolworths have also heard about the former federal attorney general in the case of Seria Saleh T/A Lakemba jewelry, Sydney andSantoshi International Holdings Ltd, Brisbane.
The representative of the jewelry store did not appear in court but was convicted of using an unverified measuring instrument and fined $5,000.
Santoshi international recognition of the defect, before the monthlypacked spices.
The company was fined $3,000. In 2014-
On the 15th, NMI issued 3,962 non-
Notice of compliance-
13 percentage points more than last year.
Regulators also issued 139 warning letters, less than in 2013 --
A total of 98 fines were imposed, totaling $92,650.
Nearly 29,000 lines of packaged goods, including 120,000 individual packages, were tested correctly.
NMI also investigated 769 complaints in 2014
15, 66 of which are related to gasoline or other fuels.
Only complaints are reasonable.
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