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Application of pillow packaging machine in food packaging machine

by:Kenwei      2023-05-21
Whether it is liquid, solid, powder, granular, from agricultural products to perishable products, etc., packaging machines play an important role in the application of food packaging machines and are the most widely used type of computer automatic packing machine. However, the film-pulling belt of the packaging machine, as the key transmission component of the film-pulling mechanism of the packaging machine, also plays a role in the process of food packaging forming! The working principle of the packaging machine is: the synchronous pulley is installed on the film pulling shaft, and the film belt is driven to realize the film pulling action! The tooth groove of the pulley and the tooth groove of the pulley are engaged in the transmission, so there is no relative sliding between the belt and the pulley, the transmission efficiency is high, the transmission is stable, and the noise is low, so as to ensure that the film pulling speed is relatively stable, the film pulling efficiency is high, and the machine The operation is stable; the film pulling method is novel, and the main drive system has a simple structure, which overcomes the disadvantage of high failure rate of complex mechanical transmission, and has good film pulling action reliability, which greatly improves the performance of the whole machine! The film-pulling belt of the packaging machine is formed by integral vulcanization of the mold, without seams, not easy to longitudinally break, not delaminated, and has good stability; high-strength glass fiber rope is used as the strong layer, and the tooth surface is protected by high-elastic nylon cloth, which is resistant to tension. Strong force and good dimensional stability! The surface layer is thickened with a layer of neoprene, which is conducive to the vertical film pulling down into a belt, and the friction strength is large! The surface shape is finely punched, the tooth surface is ground and grooved, and the adsorption force is strong, which plays the role of vacuum suction, is not easy to fall off, and is tightly sealed to avoid air leakage! The packaging machine is controlled by computer, and the system is completely closed. The four-bar linkage system adopts the imported pressure bearing connection system, which effectively solves the problem of the side shift of the vacuum chamber. Optional 60 type direct-connected imported rotary vane vacuum pump, the ultimate vacuum degree of vacuum reaches 50pa. There are two styles of table tops: sunken and flat. The packaging machine adopts the design of inclined concave and inclined, and the inclination angle of the machine can be adjusted from 0 to 90 degrees.
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