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‘amma cement not enough to tide over price crisis’

by:Kenwei      2019-09-15
The continued rise in cement prices is likely to delay government infrastructure and even housing construction for several months.
Low launch-
Cost Amma cement in Rs. 190 for a 50-
Kg bag, will be difficult to meet the small-
Engineers and builders say time builders and even individuals build houses on hundreds of square feet of land.
\"Two Tons of lakh Amma cement will be produced every month, but it can\'t even meet half of the state\'s requirements,\" said R . \"
Balamurugan, president of Chennai Association of Civil Engineers.
On Tuesday, the association held a one-day event with the apartment promotion association in cities and suburbs
To support their demand to reduce the price of cement produced by private companies, they have been growing rapidly for a long time. A 50-
The price of the KG bag is between rupees. 355 and Rs. 390 —Rs.
100 higher than the price as early as 2014.
\"Construction workers are on the verge of losing their livelihoods.
If construction works were to stop altogether, thousands of families would be in trouble . \"Balamurugan.
Officials from the civil supplies and consumer protection departments say the goal behind the limited supply is
50 bags per 100 square. ft. —
Amma cement is to help pay sections and low-income areas
Houses are built by income groups.
Sources from the Ministry of Public Works said that after the preparation of the budget, the work on the construction project only started for a year or two.
By then, the market price of building materials has risen a lot.
Several projects approved under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission are being carried out on the basis of estimates prepared four years ago. “We can re-
\"Interest rates are assessed, but only 3 of the total amount can be provided according to the Reserve Bank of India\'s monthly price index,\" an official said . \".
Such an upgrade in prices will further weaken the progress of the project, he said.
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