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airport theft caught on tape

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
More than 0. 211 billion Americans are expected to fly this summer, and if you are one of them, you may be targeted for airport theft.
You might be in the sight of a thief. -
Usually a passenger who sees a chance to get something for free.
\"Good Morning in the United States\" found Shocking surveillance footage showing what happened.
For example, a surveillance video at Phoenix airport shows a woman reaching out to someone else\'s trash can, picking up her phone, covering her phone with a sweater, and walking away.
Another tape from the same airport showed a man wearing a red shirt and a cowboy hat stealing a $800 watch from the conveyor belt, while the owner of the watch, Jason Hesse
\"This is a very beautiful watch.
. . . . . . I thought it was gone forever . \"
In another incident, a tourist at Chicago O\'Hare airport put his laptop in a chair.
The other person found the computer, sat on it, and packed it himself.
Gina Preston became a victim after detonated a metal detector at an airport checkpoint.
\"I said,\" Oh, it must be my mobile phone.
I went back and slid it into the last bin, went through the metal detector and got my stuff at the other end . . . . . . And [found]
No phone . \" Preston said.
Preston said police told her that the thief was the one in line behind her, but they could not identify him.
Steven Frischling is a professional photographer who takes photos of 200,000 miles a year.
He runs a website for frequent travelers.
\"In fact, I have spoken to the thieves at the airport,\" he said . \".
Frischling recommends placing loose items such as keys, phones, jewelry and coins in a zip jacket pocket or bag instead of in a bin.
\"No one can steal.
\"No one has access to my jacket, take my items,\" he said . \".
Frischling also recommends passing your items through the scanner in a specific order.
\"I made sure my shoes and jacket were X-ray machine.
\"So when they wear past, I can grab my jacket and put on my shoes,\" he said . \".
His laptop is always in second place.
At the end of the day was his other items because he said \"at the other end it was the easiest to steal \".
\"The projects you least worry about will continue.
\"If it is stopped, I can monitor everything else from the metal detector,\" he explained . \".
If something is stolen, the key is to report it right away.
\"In the event that we received a report of theft, we had a very good record of restoring our property.
Phoenix Airport Police Lt said: \"It will drop sharply when time goes . \"Rick Gehlbach. \"Since TSA [
Traffic Safety Administration
\"There is CCTV at most checkpoints and we see fewer and fewer theft,\" said Alan Howe of the agency . \".
But TSA does not have specific statistics to support this as the agency puts checkpoint theft together with all other reports about lost or stolen items.
But sometimes you have to be lucky.
After Jason Haase\'s watch was stolen, while he was waiting for the flight, he found the man in the cowboy hat and confronted him.
\"I said, \'We can solve this problem in two ways.
Haase said, \"I said, \'You can give me my watch back and I can catch my plane or you will go to jail. \'\".
He took the watch back and flew over.
No good country number for checkpoint theft.
TSA merged these claims with \"other\" reports of lost and stolen property.
Buy a bright suitcase or put colored tape or ribbon on your suitcase so it\'s easy to track at the airport.
Watch your bag disappear in X-
Ray before passing through the metal detector.
Don\'t forget to put your boarding pass in your hand when you pass the metal detector.
If you put it in your luggage, security personnel must be quick
Moving forward, it is possible for more people to reach it.
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