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airport security - x-ray???

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
So since we started the family, we have significantly reduced all the travel, but we will eventually go to Disney on Monday.
When packing and luggage marking everything today, I thought I hadn\'t gone through airport security in the last few years and I wasn\'t familiar with the current policy either.
And they have x-
The machine to go?
If so, can pregnant women have other options?
Pregnant women don\'t pass x-ray machine. . . .
If you have one at the airport. . .
Not everyone. . . .
But they will give you a magic wand to get you through the metal detector! Jamie -
Daughter, sister, wife, mother and working mother. (. Y . )If they have X-
Ray, refuse it and choose to pay less.
You can go through it if they just have a metal detector.
This is from people who fly every two weeks!
In the past 4 months, I have been \"felt\" by more hands! ! :-)
Gold, Silver. . . These puppies(o )(o )
Black and Blue! !
Love it! !
I\'m not a TSA agent, so I\'ll go with what my good friend flight attendant told me.
Pregnant women should not pass x-ray machines.
In fact, flight attendants are specifically allowed not to pass through these machines because they have been exposed to so much radiation on non-aircraftstop.
When my friend told me that her basic health insurance through the airline included a quality birth plan, it worried me that she might be sad when she started to form a family.
I pray this is not the case.
I passed a metal detector the last time I flew.
There is no need to shoot it :)
Girl without liquid (
Including lotion and toothpaste)
Must be 3 ounces or less and sealed in a bag that can be re-sealed in 1 quart (The self-sealing bag is good).
All jackets, shoes and belts must be removed, and electronic devices such as laptops and portable dvd players must be put into the bin and xrayed.
You will go through a metal detector and if it is turned off for some reason, you will go into a secondary screening.
If there is a full body scanner at the airport, you can choose another way to do the screening.
In the past year and a half, I just had to go through a full body scanner and I flew 85 hours a month.
As long as you are ready to take everything out and ready to put it in the bin, safety is not that bad.
This is incorrect for flight attendants who have special permission not to pass through the machine.
I am a flight attendant and for 95% of the time, we have to undergo the same inspection procedure as ordinary passengers.
The only time we didn\'t go through the regular screening procedure, if we were at one of our bases, they had an agreement that allowed us to bypass security, which is usually only at the beginning of the trip.
I know many pregnant flight attendants and flight attendants with big families.
The FAA allows us to fly to 27 weeks of pregnancy, and we can take time off at any time before that.
When I was about 6 weeks pregnant, I finally passed the full body scanner.
I really don\'t know what\'s going on because they are urging us and I didn\'t think of it until after it happened.
I\'m really worried, but check online what it is like and it doesn\'t seem to be too harmful to even mention that it might be less harmful than the actual flight.
I made sure I didn\'t go through it again on my way back and if I realized I would choose not to go through it once but not once at the airport on my way back.
But there are signs everywhere that you have to accept body searches if you don\'t want to pass.
So it might be a choice, not a choice.
Due to the 8/208im business trip within one month, I will be 24 weeks.
Just in case, my midwife wrote me a letter to forgive me from the scanner. Cate DD-
7/10/11I this pregnancy trip.
I make sure everything I go through is metal detectors that are considered safe. No x-
Give me the machine.
Because I don\'t trust these scanners if I am selected to do full body scanners, I will refuse.
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