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after boston, a new, more balanced outrage

by:Kenwei      2019-09-09
This week\'s incident in Boston quickly unfolded, from Monday\'s explosion to Thursday\'s release of photos of the suspects, to the city\'s pursuit of a brother and the killing of another brother.
While we now know that these two young people are Chechen people who have passed their time in Kyrgyzstan, we have no idea why they did so.
But perhaps even less important than their rationale is the American response to this week\'s events.
At this point, the initial reaction here suggests that we may have changed
9/11 horns, still shocked, still painful, but no longer so fearful, so prepared to blame religious fanatics, so willing to give up the freedom that gives us this power but can, sometimes, it makes us so vulnerable.
There will always be reasons for confusion and suffering.
Yes, such an attack could cause death and disability, and thankfully, the Boston Marathon bombing, while terrible, only caused limited physical damage given the number of runners and the size of the crowd.
After that, our life will be better.
This is a social response that will not affect the three people who have been directly injured and killed by hundreds of people, nor will it affect thousands of friends and loved ones, but will affect millions and hundreds of millions of people who have been moved only through sympathy.
Both abroad and at home, the United States has very limited experience in these attacks.
While the new town massacre reminds people that the United States is no stranger to local gun violence, there are few bombs designed to shock and kill.
In fact, only in the past 50 years has American society slowly adapted to the type of dramatic violence represented by the Boston bombings.
In the 1960 s and 1970 s, Cuba hijacked the United States several times. S.
The plane led to the first security floor of the airport, including metal detectors.
On 1993, a bomb exploded in a parking lot in the World Trade Center, killing six people and injuring 1,000.
On 1995, the Murrah office building in the city of Russia was blown up, killing 168 people.
The death toll in September 11 was close to 3,000.
Each episode changes everyone\'s daily life, no more than 9/11 episodes.
From the intensive security of many office buildings to the intensive security of airports, from the greatly expanded electronic communication monitoring network to the cameras in urban areas (
This allowed the Boston authorities to identify the suspects)
Our lives have changed.
According to today\'s standards: metal detectors, the reaction to hijacking 1970 seems a bit odd.
Then, after several international bomb attacks on the plane, the authorities asked to scan the luggage.
Nevertheless, flying before 2001 is a hassle, but it is not a safe Gantt, interrupted by fear.
The United States\'s response to 9/11 is very effective in targeting those who have done it.
Al-Qaida and its countries
Sponsors of the Taliban and Hammhanded.
Today, when we travel, we can most feel the impact of it, and the comparison of travel from the United States. S.
The airport and other airports are dirty.
Similar screening techniques have been used in other countries, but airports in Spain and Indonesia (
I flew out recently)
Don\'t send out the same level of tension.
In New Zealand, domestic flights are still like 1970 in the United States.
Screening can be a small price, but widespread suspicion of Muslims is a bigger harm, as the US National Security States did during the Cold War, the culture of classification and secrecy has grown rapidly in Washington.
Some news media\'s initial leap to Muslims
As the appetite for this easy-to-blame seems to be fading, the bait has also been canceled.
It turns out that the two brothers are Muslims, but not Arabs, not Iranians, and are not affiliated to any known organized group.
That is to say, with regard to Islam, there is no more than the Cuban hijackers of the 1970th generation have said, or Timothy mcpeacekeeping has said anything crazy about his orkama
* In response to the Boston bombings, we have at least seen a balanced outbreak of anger at the moment.
I lived in Boston for seven years in the 1990 s.
This is a tough place.
Not a threat, just tough.
Removed from the garbage that brought out of the United States that year-versus-
Worst of all, after billions of people, it\'s not yet mild and reborn. dollar Big Dig.
The DNA of the city takes a while to change, and in many of the reactions of the Boston people, you can feel that they are hurt, angry, and determined to catch the people who do it.
But they are equally determined to move on without too much compromise on their own lives.
The city was shut down on Friday to make it easier for law enforcement officers to get their work done, but that is a very specific reason, not some general fear.
For years, it has been said that we have enough tools through law enforcement agencies to prevent attacks and to hunt down those who carry them out.
Boston\'s response was a classic law enforcement, led by the FBI, and the police did a vital job, with countless volunteers and responders joining the mix.
Terror is not an act in itself;
It creates fear through an act.
Some say Russia is relatively immune to terror, even after some terrible, far more deadly events have taken place in recent years.
In 2004, Chechen fighters occupied a school in Beslan.
Nearly 400 people were killed when Russian troops attacked schools.
However, this has little obvious effect on Russia\'s attitude or behavior.
Russians are largely unaffected by terrorist attacks because they do not expect perfect security.
Although their history suggests that danger is the norm, they expect a world full of danger and possibly too many.
So random acts of terrorism are not scary.
However, the United Kingdom, Spain, France and Israel have also been subjected to domestic attacks, particularly Israel, who have managed to find a way between changing their chosen lifestyle and being vigilant.
The Israelis have resisted the worst domestic attacks by refusing to stop living as they wish.
If a cafe©Bombed and urgently needed to reopen quickly and collect donations from customers for a guard.
In the past 20 years, subway and train explosions have occurred in Paris, London and Madrid, but these events have not led to huge external changes in the way they are used on a daily basis in their important hubs.
Instead, they have led to more camera surveillance and occasional police presence, as has happened in New York City over the past decade.
Now to be sure, the collective reaction to Boston shows that we are a more mature and effective stage in dealing with danger, and it is too early.
Yes, next year in Boston, and then in New York, London and wherever there is a race, there will be a change in the marathon.
It may be harder to get close to the finish line, but the danger will not disappear.
If someone wants to kill and maim, they can always find a way.
What can change is how important these behaviors are to us, how much power we send out, not to stop them by changing our lives, but to resist them --
By changing so little of our lives.
* Correction: This column was originally incorrectly stated in the year of the World Trade Center explosion.
It also misquoted Timothy McVey\'s name.
Photo: Police took a stand in search of suspects in the Boston Marathon bombings, April 19, 2013, in Watertown, Massachusetts.
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