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a day trip to bethlehem and jericho

by:Kenwei      2019-09-08
Credit: Bethlehem and jerichoko are both in Palestine
In the controlled West Bank, visitors are usually in contact with one of Israel\'s travel operators on a day trip to visit both places.
Tour starts in the morning from Jerusalem 20-
It takes only a few minutes to get to the border by bus.
Once you arrive at the border checkpoint, the Israeli tour guide will explain what will happen after going through several border controls as he will not accompany you in the past. (
This is because Israeli law prohibits Israeli citizens from entering Palestine-
Control of the area unless approved in advance by the Israeli Civil Administration. )
At the Israeli checkpoint entering the \"Rachel crossing\" in Bethlehem, visitors will show their passports to Israeli soldiers and let their luggage be made by x-
Before entering Bethlehem through a metal detector, use a ray machine. (
The same procedure applies when a person leaves Bethlehem and returns to Israel. )
After that, there will be a Palestinian tour guide and another tour bus waiting for the tour group on the other side of the border.
At the border checkpoint, you can also see well the high walls that Israel has built to separate itself from the Palestinian territory.
Bethlehem is a city in the central West Bank, about 8 km kilometers south of Jerusalem, with a population of about 30,000.
While Muslims now account for the majority, it is also home to one of the largest Palestinian Christian communities.
Because it is the birthplace of Jesus Christ, millions of Christians come to the city to affirm and deepen their faith.
The first visit to Bethlehem was the milk Cave Church of the Virgin Mary, traditionally described as the place where the Virgin Mary stopped to feed the baby Jesus on a flight to Egypt. (
The entrance to the church is free. )
The current buildings around the grottoes were built by Franciscan in 1872.
Until today, traces of some ancient church mosaics and original walls still exist.
Since then, the church has been heavily rebuilt, remodeled and decorated with marble and hand-cut sculptures, benches, icons and carvings.
There, you can also see many devotees writing their prayers on a note and giving them to the sisters to pray on their behalf.
Milk cave church Credit: then, the tour group will be taken to the field of shepherds, which is considered the scene of God\'s angel visiting the shepherds to inform them of the birth of Jesus.
In fact, the Greek Orthodox Church and the Franciscan have identified two opposing sites, which are competing for this honor.
Visitors are usually taken to San Francisco, a low-level natural cave or rock sanctuary with beautiful surroundings and mountains.
Caves with soot
In order to build a modern church, the black roof was partially closed.
At noon, it\'s time to visit the Church of the birth of Jesus, a fortress --
Like a castle built in the cave where Jesus was born. (
The castle was built around 330 A. D.
Although it has been severely damaged by war, riots, earthquakes and fires over the next few years. )
There visitors can join the pilgrims, and when they descend to the basement, everyone is holding the lighted candle, where you can see 14-
The Silver Star that marks the birthplace of Jesus Christ.
It could be a very surreal experience, in a rather crowded room, attended the ceremony with other congregations, with medieval tapestries and religious icons arranged in the room.
Regardless of your religious beliefs, you can still feel the holiness and holiness of this place.
Before the end of the trip to Bethlehem, visitors are encouraged to buy some local handicrafts or religious icons to support the town\'s economy.
You can also take photos of the occupied Wall (
From the Palestinian side)as a memento.
Upon return to Israeli territory, visitors will again \"hand over\" to another Israeli tour guide to jerichoko.
The bus ride from Bethlehem to jerichoko is about 2 hours.
Your first experience with this place is its intense hot weather (
About 38 degrees Celsius in the afternoon).
In the same way, tourists will have to pass through the border checkpoint to reach the town just like in Bethlehem.
JerichoJericho is a quiet town of 25,000 people, 55 km from Jerusalem, near the northern end of the Dead Sea.
Jericho is considered the oldest city in the world with a history of 10,000 years.
Its main passage in the city center is basically a road full of potholes with small shops and shops next to it.
You can see the lively activities and crowds (
Including tourists and locals)
In major markets.
The main attractions of the Jericho section are archaeological sites, of which the most important are Tel El-Sultan.
It is about 2 km kilometers from the center of the city. It is the ancient jerichoko site of biblical times, overlooking the natural spring of Ayin Sudan. (
Tickets 10 NIS. )
Given the temperature, visitors may enjoy a short visit and the guide will briefly explain the surrounding mound and holes.
Alternatively, you can also visit the Palace of Hisham, the Winter Palace built by Omayad Khalifa Hisham ibn Abdul Malik.
However, it was destroyed by the earthquake shortly after it was built.
Now, here are the ruins of the royal building, the mosque with beautiful mosaic floors, and the fountain. (
Tickets 10 NIS. )
After a short visit to the two archaeological sites, visitors will be transported to simply look at the sycamore tree, which is said to have been climbed by zachius while trying to meet Jesus Christ (Book of Luke).
Next to the tree is a Greek Orthodox Church, which still retains its religious architectural design and atmosphere. Tel El-
Half the Sudanese.
The day tour of Jericho is over.
Visitors will then be brought back to Jerusalem in the evening.
Then you can enjoy a relaxing dinner after a tired but inspiring day in the hot sun.
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