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9 terrifying things doctors pulled out of living people

by:Kenwei      2019-08-22
Cracked has brought you the sum, so you may think that we have not had the disturbing things that the doctor pulled out of people. You fool. You poor, soon-to-be-disgusted fool.
Don\'t you know that the body is just a nightmare dump waiting for the most unfortunate surgeon and surgeon to dig?
The city where contact lenses are lost found in a woman\'s eyes thinks about this question carefully: What is the maximum number of objects you can plug and forget under your eyelids?
It\'s zero, right? No. Not even close. .
A British anesthetist is preparing 67-year-
When he noticed a blue lump under her eyelids, an old woman underwent routine cataract surgery.
After careful examination, it was found that it was gathered into a whole. .
Are you probably talking about 17? Ha.
17 more than my record.
\"Well, they later found that there were 10 more lenses stuck there further.
Seriously, she likes contact lenses better than women.
She has been wearing contact lenses for 35 years, but has never noticed that they occasionally disappear into her mind.
This is disturbing on some levels.
What hasn\'t she noticed yet?
Is there a skeleton of 70 cats in her room?
The surgeon may have removed these connections while finding several missing socks and $87. 32 in change.
It is worth noting that this woman has not been affected in any negative way.
The doctor said she was lucky that the lenses didn\'t absorb bacteria, but was anyone really \"lucky\" when they stuck valuable plastic on their eyeballs?
Snails hatched from the knee bones, not found in your body, must be terrible.
For example, this entry is about a cute baby snail.
Oh, is that scary?
Does this make you feel like you might be filled with tiny hatchlings? YOU ARE!
Every one of you!
The story begins with the young Paul Franklin playing on the beach with his knees scratched on the rocks.
Four because of a mild injury-year-
His parents played a band.
Aid, forget it.
They don\'t know at all that they have just fallen into the trough.
View of stake version chestburster.
Within a few weeks, Paul\'s knee was swollen as big as an orange.
Knee doctors never thought they would hatch snails suddenly, so they were diagnosed with a grape ball infection.
But the antibiotic did not work, and the lump began.
There is no other option, and Paul\'s mother knows what she has to do: squeeze the swollen pustules until they break.
A live sea snail growing in the boy suddenly came out. \"AAAAHHH!
She might say.
Snails are considered an extremely tenacious species known for being able to survive in a variety of environments, although the species will definitely disappear in the history of snail heroes.
Paul\'s family thought he fell into an egg that entered the scratch on his knee and hatched in him.
The young Paul took this disgusting approach and he named it Turbo.
They are all still there.
The mystery of the man who coughed up the NailMRI scan involved a magnetic field, and so far they have known to fly over a room like a magnetic motor in a nursing home.
So you obviously shouldn\'t have any metal when you get one.
But a Colorado man named Prax Sanchez has no iron on him. -
He made him iron.
In his 80 s, Sanchez\'s nose was stuck.
It is long enough that a membrane is formed around it.
The weird thing is that he doesn\'t know how it climbed up, though a damn nail flying over your nose seems to be the kind of thing you\'ll remember.
Or maybe not, if it goes deep enough to poke into the part of your brain that remembers this kind of thing.
The problem is that he has a hearing problem and needs to do an MRI, and no one knows the nails on his head until he is sealed in a very powerful magnet tube.
The machine loosened the nail and Prax was on his way home.
He later said, \"I felt something in my throat and spit it out. It was a nail.
It does not hurt at all.
\"The old man\'s face was stuck with an iron nail and slammed his sinus with a magnet, and he did not know these things until he cut it down.
This is not difficult. This is Prax Sanchez.
When you shake hands with Prax Sanchez, he has forgotten that he kicked your ass.
If you\'re like most people, your first car is like your first kiss ---
It may not be perfect, it may smell like a gym dress, but you will never forget it.
In the case of 77-year-
Old Arthur lampete, his Ford Thunderbird is a part of him, and unfortunately we mean that.
Back in 1963, lampete was driving his beloved Thunderbird in the rain when he had an impromptu get-
With half.
The car was crashed and lampete took a long time before the surgeon fixed his various fractures and other injuries.
It\'s enough to say it\'s something, and lampete is lucky to be alive.
Skipping for 35 years, when his bare arm detonated the court metal detector, lampete realized for the first time that something was not right.
Because there is no pain in the arm, there is no problem with the arm
In relation to the task, the doctor gave Lampitt some breakthrough advice:Fast-
Another 16 years to 2015, the 75-year-
Old landpete is moving some cement blocks and a large piece of metal pops out of the skin on his arm.
The damn guy who died in his car more than 50 years ago
This year, the man holding a part of his childhood was too much, and Paul Baxter, a British post staff member, went to the doctor to ask him about his persistent cough.
Old 47-year-old smokeryear-
For more than a year, Mr. Lao has been coughing yellow mucus and generally feels uncomfortable.
\"One pneumonia treatment and several x
Later, he received the news that even the best of us would go bad :.
The doctor performed a fiber test, an operation that inserted the camera into the patient\'s lungs and conducted an exploration.
When they were walking around Baxter\'s chest, they found one and pulled it out so they could take a closer look.
The \"tumor\" They diagnosed turned out to be a small plastic traffic cone.
Baxter recalled that once the doctors found out what they were looking at, he remembered buying a Playmobil suit on his seventh birthday, although he did not remember the specific part of the inhalation he said he was a toy when he was a child.
Otherwise, his health is in good condition and the doctor reports that Baxter\'s symptoms have almost disappeared since they removed the toy from his lungs.
Unfortunately, 43 Playmobil children have died in an easily preventable car accident since the traffic accident.
The King of all the undestroyed kidney stones enters the record book through outstanding achievements or pure willpower.
Others, like Sando sakadi, the owner of one of the world\'s largest kidney stones, are immortal for bad luck.
Sarkadi has a kidney stone that will never be defeated.
The doctor found the mother ship with an abnormal abdomen in salakadi, which was shot after the Hungarian complained about severe constipation.
His x-
Ray looks like an ostrich caught pretending to be pregnant.
The worst case is that it is rarely larger than a.
They usually look like small, sharp chewing gum and eventually go through the urethra.
There is no doubt that any size greater than zero will be converted into the size of \"ohgodnoaaahhggg\" in the urethra measurement, but Sarkadi is even larger than the most
It is like a piece of bread baked by the devil in his pelvis that must be taken out by surgery.
Tumors with human brain cells are autonomous, which is excellent for keeping your life alive.
But sometimes they go to the rogue police and split for no reason to form a tumor.
Ovarian tumors are one of the most serious because about 20% of them include other tumors. . .
Like teeth, fat, hair, or in a terrible situation: the brain is small.
These types of tumors are called germ cells, which can be differentiated into other body parts or tissues.
Japanese doctors think this is a terrible biological Easter egg while carrying a routine appendix last month-year-old girl. It\'s a skull-
Like a bunch of cancer cells with hair and enough brains, she may cheat on math exams. Behold this . . .
Things: when they crack into hair
They found the skull on the girl\'s ovary.
The brain, like a plate, consists of the original small brain and brain stem.
Unless you count the meat of the delivery, they will remove it.
The secret of Turkey\'s headache is screaming for treatment.
Since he was five years old, he has had a headache. By the time he was 20, the headache lasted more than five hours a day.
Severe pain.
Imagine that you are the spouse of E, but you are also the spouse of E!
Explain the network producers of the top 20 stadiums that Kylie Jenner brought to the office that day.
Because his family was poor, the man refused all hospital treatment when he was a child.
Instead, he treated his problem with painkillers that had no dents to varying degrees.
The situation got so bad that he was sick and vomiting every time he had a headache.
When he finally went to the doctor, they had a CT scan of him to reveal the source of his trouble: two needles had rusted in his damn head.
The medical examiner assumes some ninja-
The sewing needle through the top of the head, when it is still soft ---let\'s say 7-
19 months after he was born
That means he was an accident.
His crib is prone to craft enthusiasts, or someone tries to murder him while he\'s toddler.
Since the risk of a broken head is too high and the needle is not taken out, the person is still outside and uses pills to control headaches.
The only thing the doctor gave him was purposeful.
Because now that he knows what happened to him, he can look for the seamstress who wants to kill him as a baby, and their murderous weapon remains in his skull.
With the help of his magical talking skateboard, you can bet that Turkish TV will succeed in ratings this fall.
1 There is no lovely way to set this up for the worst pregnancy.
A woman named Kantabai Thakre found a baby skeleton 36 years after she thought she had a miscarriage.
Think about it.
For 36 years, tiny skeleton remains have been catching her organs while she is driving, shopping and sleeping.
Learning such a thing is not a \"surprise \"---
It\'s more like finding \"everything behind you is a spider \".
\"Thakre was pregnant when she was 24, but due to complications from embryo attachment.
This usually results in symptoms such as severe pain, dull pain, or cramps.
So basically all the pain.
She did her best to treat it and after a few months it stopped and everyone thought it was the loss of pregnancy.
After 36 years, the pain came back again, indicating that she was right to cure the pain, but it was wrong to cure the baby.
The \"special\" thing about this little monster is that when it is found it doesn\'t look like a \"normal\" floating skeleton baby.
Instead, it looks like the remains of someone who died in a large can of baked beans.
If you\'re not x, it\'s hard to really say what\'s going on in this photo
Ray tech or serial killer, so that\'s what they look like after they remove all the bones and assemble them.
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