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3 wounded in indian kashmir by soldiers\' gunfire

by:Kenwei      2019-09-18
Paramilitary soldiers fired live ammunition to disperse the rebels
Indian residents accused the army of attacking their homeland in Kashmir on Thursday, injuring Indian protesters and three others.
Protests broke out near Sura in Srinagar, the main Indian city of Kashmir, and the injured belonged to a family. a police officer who did not want to be named said because he had no right to talk to the media.
\"They came to our house, broke the windows and pointed them at us with guns,\" said resident Mohammed Abdullah . \".
\"All of us have come out to protest this aggressive bullying.
But they opened fire on us. \"Anti-
India\'s sentiment is deeply rooted in Kashmir.
India and Pakistan account for the majority, but both claim sovereignty.
Protesters rejected India\'s sovereignty over Kashmir and wanted to form an independent state or merger with Muslim-dominated Pakistan. An 8-year-
The old boy, who was shot and wounded by the army in the southern town of Anantnag last week, died in hospital on Thursday. in the past two months, demonstrations and clashes between the Indian Army and the Kashmiri people have killed 60 people.
Also on Thursday, Indian troops accused Pakistani soldiers of violating the 2003 cease-fire agreement.
Opened fire on Indian positions along the Indian-controlled Kashmir demarcation line.
Brig said there were no reports of casualties. S.
Senior Indian officer chawara.
He said Pakistani troops fired nearly two hours of mortar and heavy machine guns at Indian positions in the Poonch area, and Indian soldiers fought back.
Pakistan army spokesmanGen.
Abbas denied the charge, saying the Indian Army opened fire without any provocation.
He said Pakistan immediately sought a meeting with the local commander and the Indian side agreed. The cease-
Since independence from Britain in 1947, rival neighbors have fought two wars to control Kashmir.
On Thursday, clashes broke out between government forces and protesters in the Rainawari community in Srinagar, and hundreds of residents ignored the curfew.
Police and paramilitary soldiers fired warning shots into the air to disperse the rocks with tear gas.
Police say they threw protesters.
No casualties.
The deadly unrest that began in June against Indian rule, despite the deployment of thousands of troops, the Indian prime minister called for calm, but showed no signs of easing.
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