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yvan cournoyer set for latest repair

by:Kenwei      2019-09-02
Yvan Cournoyer, a Canadian legend in Montreal, said it was a quality of life issue.
But somehow you can\'t help wondering if, in baseball terms, people who are called \"Road Runners\" just want to reach out to all the bases.
On Friday morning, Cournoyer will be in an operating room at Montreal General Hospital, on the commercial end of plastic surgeon William Fisher\'s scalpel, fixing his right shoulder, as long as he can remember, this is a mess.
He will be injured in this cycle, with surgery on both his knee and left shoulder.
Cournoyer\'s surgical scorecard is impressive. The 73-year-
The left shoulder of the old Hall of Fame member was cut twice, the first time was to \"clean up some trash\" and then another eight in 2005
Inch titanium rod.
Cournoyer\'s knee has been operated twice and the left joint was completely replaced in April 2006.
He had four back surgeries, two in his career and two in his retirement.
\"Plus a broken nose, a broken clavicle, a torn Achilles tendon, and other things that I might have forgotten,\" he joked . \".
It was a prank at the airport and when Cournoyer simply walked into the door he almost gave an alarm.
He often goes straight around the metal detector to the body scanner and he knows that it won\'t end well with his replacement knee and bionic left shoulder.
\"I know a security agent at Montreal airport very well and he doesn\'t understand why one day I didn\'t have an alarm as I should have,\" he said . \".
\"He was very happy to see me and he forgot to pick up his security wand and just waved at me with his hand. \"In 1972-
The 73-year-old culnoye suffered a tear in his abs and entered the Stanley Cup playoffs.
In extreme pain, he had a numb shot in his stomach before the Canadian team\'s 17 playoff games, during which he scored 25 points (
15 goals, 10 assists)
While leading Montreal to the Championship, he won the Conn Smith Trophy as the most valuable player in the playoffs.
Finally, Cournoyer says it\'s time for Fisher to clear his right shoulder, Fisher is often sticky in the joints, and the surgeon may shine in the NHL shootout.
\"Not long ago, I told Bill, \'Before you retire, it\'s too old for us, and I think I need you to fix it (right)
\"Shoulder,\" said kurnoye with a smile, talking to his friend and surgeon.
\"General Montreal is my second home.
They have my life story on their record.
\"Maybe you can go back to the shoulder problem with kunoye, because he often presses the Stanley Cup on top of his head, and his 10 titles are equivalent to the championship of his late good friend and captain Jean Beliveau, one less time than NHL --
Henry Richard, who won a record 11 games and retired from 1975 to 1979, has been the captain of Montreal.
He\'s 5-175 pounds. foot-
7 frame, due to his explosive power and extremely fast speed, got his nickname from the New York sports writer, Cournoyer was hit overnight by a bigger opponent in 1964
79, through 1,115 regular-
Season and playoffs.
It was his second comeback in the end, forcing him to quit early.
\"Worn out\", Cournoyer talked about his frequent visits to the body shop.
Growing up, during many offseason periods, he spent a long time shooting heavy steel puck made in his father\'s machine shop on his wrist and forearm to develop a powerful
Now that his beloved golf game is hampered by lingering pain in his right shoulder, Cournoyer has started another operation.
He hopes to swing comfortably in the middle. May.
\"It\'s not comfortable to sleep,\" he said . \"
\"Now, in order to shave, I can\'t even splash water on my face with my right hand.
Shoulder hurts for 6 years, 7 years, 10 years.
It\'s not a big surgery, just stay in the hospital for a few days and get well.
I hope this is my last surgery.
\"Cournoyer, his number is
Retired from Canada in November.
Month, 2005, and No.
12 in legend Dicky Moore, suspected that he was not lucky enough this week to get the same hospital room as knee replacement: Room 1212.
\"I don\'t know how many times I \'ve been in a 12D seat on the plane,\" he joked . \".
\"My doctor knows that 1212 is the room for the road Walker, but I will not ask for it.
I may have to wait a long time.
\"Cournoyer has started surgery again, teasing him about his own reconstructed body and enjoying the fun he has had from his wife Evelyn.
\"I said that if they cremated me while I was away, they would find a scrap station,\" he said with a smile . \".
\"Evelyn, well, she said with all the precious metals in me, I\'m more valuable than I realize.
Evelyn couldn\'t help it.
\"Yvan will be a good candidate for recycling,\" she said . \".
\"Whenever he goes on a diet and says he just needs to lose another 5 lbs, I remind him that he has 5 pounds lbs of metal on him.
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