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you asked: are airport body scanners safe?

by:Kenwei      2019-08-23
For decades, airport security officials have relied on metal detectors to inspect travellers for concealed weapons.
This technology is safe and simple, but there is an obvious flaw: it cannot detect non-
Metal threats including plastic explosives
In 2009, the notorious underwear bomber used the defect almost to have a devastating impact.
After that-
The tragedy of the Traffic Safety AdministrationTSA)
Quickly update its screening procedures and technologies.
By 2010, it has achieved two new typesbody scanners.
One of them, called mm-
Search for hidden weapons or devices using radio waves.
These are complete.
You will meet a body scanner in the United States. S. airports today—
The people with your feet apart and your hands on your head --
Experts agree they shouldn\'t worry you. The second (
More controversial)
These two are called \"reverse scattering\" X-ray scanner.
You will remember that this is the machine that reveals the complete production
Many people found the image of the passenger\'s body to be unnecessarily invasive.
In addition to the privacy concerns arising from the use of reverse scattering technology, some experts are concerned that these scanners will expose travelers to potentially dangerous radiation.
\"We determined that the exposure time from these machines was about 10% of the chest X-time.
Ray, that\'s important, \"said John Sedat, professor of biosophics at the University of California, San Francisco.
\"These X-may have some very small cancer risks.
Ray machines, \"said David Brenner, professor of radiation biphysics at Columbia University\'s Medical Center.
\"We know there\'s a biological mechanism for this --
Light exposure may lead to cancer . . . . . . These backscattered scanners seem to pose some minor risks.
\"The European authorities have almost immediately banned the use of reverse scattering X-
In 2013, the machine and TSA followed suit.
Although the agency has never officially acknowledged that it is dumping scanners due to health problems. (
It also does not rule out bringing them back. )
But with the machines used today, there is no broad health reason to opt out.
\"Scientists can never say something is 100% safe, but I would say there is no credible evidence that millimeter wave can damage DNA,\" Brenner said . \".
\"If there is a risk, the risk is very small.
MORE: Andrew medmente, associate professor of health systems radiology at the University of Pennsylvania, agrees and says the current scanner is \"not a problem \".
Maidment, who has published dozens of studies on radiation exposure and human health, is responsible for ensuring that all medical equipment at Penn Medical is safe for patients.
Microwave, he explained.
Launch device-
From the heating device in the kitchen to the smartphone in the pocket-
It is only when they are strong enough to cause molecular changes that are considered to cause harm to health.
The radiation emitted by the airport millimeter wave scanner did not reach this level.
\"I took part in a panel to review [exposure]
These types of microwaves
\"For patients and newborns who are pregnant and potentially pregnant, I believe they are safe,\" he said . \".
\"I don\'t worry about them for myself, my wife or my children. ”MORE: This 10-
The second test can tell you if you should be screened for lung cancer, while some experts have raised theoretical concerns about fewer cancers
Brenner says the powerful form of microwave radiation, especially the type of transmission of mobile devices and technologies, you encounter such a low dose through an airport scanner
Things you rarely experience, even if you are a regular flyer --
You have nothing to worry about.
\"I can\'t imagine the huge cancer risk of using these millimeter wave scanners,\" he said . \".
In fact, the only criticism of the airport scanners by these experts has nothing to do with radiation exposure or cancer.
\"We have something fast, cheap and very accurate in the old metal detectors, and when they find something, they scream loudly,\" medement said . \".
\"But now we have replaced them with things that rely on people staring at the screen to find things, so we bring human errors and weaknesses into the equation.
He pointed out that the study concluded that it was very likely that someone would cheat new scanners and secretly disguise guns or explosives beyond their defense systems.
\"This is my personal opinion, but these new machines
The price is over $150,000, while the price of metal detectors is only $30,000.
\"It\'s too expensive and too inaccurate.
\"But how best to protect passengers from airport threats is another story.
As far as cancer is concerned, you will feel safe when you walk into the airport scanner.
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